Whether you are self-employed, an employee, or an individual, you can enjoy the advantages of having a virtual number without the need for new contracts or extra SIM. This virtual number will protect your privacy and the operations you carry out over the Internet, avoiding having to share your personal number.

No registration fee and for very little a month you will enjoy another number on your mobile. The calls you make with your Second Line will cost you the same as if you made them with your main number.

From the app of your Second Line, you can easily make calls and check the log of messages in the voice mailbox, calls and SMS, in a single click.

Mobile devices are becoming one of the most important electronic devices around the world, this thanks to that people can be connected within seconds regardless of the distance that exists between the sender and receiver and be it through text messages or phone calls.

However, one of the most common problems previously is that these devices are only allowed to be used with a single phone line, but all this has changed over time and that is how they can currently be used with two different phone number operators.

This undoubtedly becomes an excellent advantage, since it allows users to separate their work from their personal life, using a line for each of them. Also, this will ensure constant coverage since at the time of failure one operator has the other. Following all this, below, we show you the best mobile app iPlum to have a second phone line on your smartphone.

Taking into account that having two phone lines on the same smartphone becomes an advantage for the person, here we are going to show you which are the main applications available for both the iOS and Android operating systems that will allow you to add another line to your team.

iPlum is a mobile app that is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems, which will offer you a second phone number that you can use as your main number. This allows or gives you the possibility to assign it only for your work question, thus having the opportunity to have only one number for your personal life without mixing your work with it.

Therefore, the iPlum app will be in charge of assigning you a phone number that you can provide to other people so that they can communicate with you at all times. This phone will be created from the use of your location code. So it is very simple and easy to use where you can send a text message.

Regarding the balance of the number that you have created using iPlum, this line will use the balance of your already contracted operator, as well as the minutes of the same. In this way, you can make calls and send SMS whenever you want. A program that offers you excellent security and greater privacy.

Also, to the advantage of its users, iPlum has the cheapest call rates on the market where you can save up to 90% compared to your current operator, as well as 3G and 4G data networks that will allow you to have an excellent experience while you navigate in it.

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