Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is a process of optimizing the website for users and search engines as well as boosting your keywords that can be searched by your prospective clients. There are a whole lot of activities performed by the SEO experts or the digital marketing companies to whom you have outsourced your marketing projects. The thing to be considered is there are many myths about the best SEO Company and we are going to burst those by providing a clear picture of the fascinating world of web marketing.

It is important to learn about these facts so you assure not to lose a good digital marketing company which can actually help you to achieve your business goals. There are many myths and we will learn about the top 3 myths, which are most common.

1. The SEO Agency must be local to target audience

This is the most common myth: If you want to target the US audience, your SEO agency must be local SEO Company in the USA. Also, people think their website hosting server must be in the United States. This is not true at all. There are more than 200 ranking factors and there is no as such factor. The local SEO can be done from any corner of the world.

2. The SEO Company must be ranked on the top ranks for key phrases related to SEO services

Many clients prefer to hire a digital marketing company that ranks in top 3 to 10 positions in the Google. This is not a criterion to gauge the expertise of the company and quality of service. There are many SEO companies across the world that invest more resources in clients’ projects and don’t work on marketing of their own website. To assure the agency will provide the best SEO services, you can ask to provide the portfolio to see their skills and expertise. You can ask them some intelligent questions.

3. The company must provide reference of its clients to testify at an early stage

Would you give information of your clients to anyone? Just like that? On the other hand, consider yourself as a client. Would you like your vendor gives your contact details to anyone and everyone and those people ring you all the time? Getting reference and verifying the service should be done if you are not convinced with the answers and portfolio of the company. However, you must respect the privacy of the SEO Company and its clients as well. Any company would pass the client’s reference in the final stage of discussion.

These are the top 3 things to keep in mind while you are looking for the best SEO services and a trustworthy SEO agency. The most important factors to consider your service provider are to look for its portfolio and answers. In first one or two conversations you would get a hint of expertise and professionalism of the company.

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