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Moz’s The Beginner’s Guide To SEO

A fantastic first read for anyone wanting to learn more about search engine optimization. Whether you are just curious on what SEO is, how it started and evolved, or how to know some tips and tricks to implement yourself, Moz’s The Beginner’s Guide to SEO is a great free online resource that we have personally read and encourage others to study as well.

Link Building: The Definitive Guide by Backlinko

One of our favorite “SEO gurus” by the name of Brian Dean is behind this excellent, and also free, online resource for those wanting to know the proper way to gain quality backlinks to your website to make sure it is a credible resource that Google and other search engines will have no problem ranking higher in search results. Link Building: The Definitive Guide by Backlinko is thorough, easy to read, and a great resource for quality off-site SEO tactics.

SEO Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide by Neil Patel

Awesome read for those just starting to study SEO, and maybe looking into hiring a company to handle it for them or looking to implement some search engine optimization strategies themselves. Perfect for understanding SEO lingo, the difference between on-site and off-site SEO and white-hat tactics for both. The SEO Made Simple: A Step-By-Step by Neil Patel is great for bloggers, business owners, and entrepreneurs alike.

Moz’s The Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing

If you have been studying SEO, online marketing, or search engine marketing for really any amount of time at all, one of the first things you will come to realize is SEO and great content online cannot be separated and it is hard if not almost impossible to rank high on page 1 of Google without great and relevant content online. Moz’s The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing is a great resource to understand the dependent relationship between SEO and high-quality content online, which we are sure will only be more vital with time.

The Inbound Marketing Methodology by Hubspot

Being Inbound Certified by Hubspot, we really enjoy and appreciate the free certifications that they offer with their Inbound Marketing Methodology, this is great for business owners, marketing specialists, bloggers and professional search engine optimization strategists as well. After reading about The Inbound Marketing Methodology by Hubspot, we encourage you to take their free online Inbound Certification course!

SEO Tools: The Complete List by Backlinko

Another gem by Backlinko, created by Brian Dean of course, who we don’t think has ever been accused of being “not thorough enough”. With that said this exhaustive, but helpful list of all the SEO tools out there, a good majority of them free, is a great reference for those wanting to simplify their SEO efforts, or track the efforts of their SEO company. You might have to use the Google Chrome Find Tool to search for what you need, but SEO Tools: The Complete List by Backlinko is a solid reference for search engine optimization.

Moz’s The Beginner’s Guide To Link Building

Well if you can’t tell we are quite the fans of Moz, and their owner, Rand Fishkin, who is behind a lot of their awesome resources, many of which we don’t have enough time to list here, but encourage you to check out at A great sister-read to Back Linking by Backlinko (mentioned above), Moz’s The Beginner’s Guide To Link Building goes over the do’s and don’ts of effective link building for the purpose of quality, long-term SEO results.

Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO

Search Engine Land is yet another credible and up-to-date source for news, tips, and strategies for quality search engine optimization. They are also an excellent creator of easy to read and understand infographics, which we love as well! Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO stays true to its title in giving both on-site and off-site methodology and does a good job of explaining the why behind certain strategies and is a great “SEO 101” read.

We have personally used these tools, articles and trials to help grow as well as our local Kansas City SEO and online marketing agency, SEO Services KC- a ton.

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