SEO web design is the most important part of web marketing for small and medium businesses. If you do optimize web design for your business (SEO web design), you will get a lot more customers (you get the key to attract new customers), Let’s see why?

In our Mobile OPZ agency, we work with a method (procedure and philosophy) to invest our clients. A method developed by Mobile OPZ with years of experience in Website Design- SEO. And the method is based on following Google’s guide to good practice, in other words, not cheating Google.

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To this end, website design is of particular importance in search engine optimization because it is what Google first reads and evaluates and then decides whether to place it or not.

98% of web designers see it that way; designing web pages only from the visible part of the web page. From this point of view, it is a very serious mistake as it limits a company’s visibility in search engines.

If we only design a visible face when designing a website and not how Google reads the source code of that website, we will later find serious problems with network positioning (SEO).

This usually happens to all businesses (98% of websites are not well designed) whether they are SMEs or large companies that do not take SEO into account. Here’s a guide to choosing the right web design company, not belonging to the majority of mistakes.

It often happens that companies make a website and then look for a location company. This is a mistake because the normal thing that can happen is that the website needs to be changed again for SEO web design.

The design of a business website should never be based on design alone but should have a website placement strategy where certain keywords are inherent in its structure. It is on-page search engine optimization that is directly related to the web design of the page.

What is web design? Web design is the visual elements of a website. That is, web design is what we all see when we come to a website. But Google doesn’t just see it.

What is SEO Web Design? SEO web design is the design of a website that combines in complete harmony with all the graphic design of a company’s website that needs to be considered for the company’s website positioning with certain keywords to be effective, i.e. attracting new customers.

SEO website design takes into account the visible part of the website but also takes care of how and why each line of web design code.

For clarity, SEO web design takes into account how the source code of a website must be (which Google does not see, but Google sees) for the following SEO positioning tasks to succeed because the design network, in its broadest sense, is related to search engine optimization.

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Mobile OPZ is a digital marketing agency in Greeley, Colorado offering website design, SEO, and PPC for local businesses.