Each partner needs satisfaction in every sexual encounter. There are many sex positions that you can employ if you want to make your love life pleasurable. You do not need to be an acrobat in order to practice these positions. They are very easy to learn and apply in real life situations

The sex positions that make women happy

Private lap dance style
In this style, a woman comes on top of a man. This makes you feel that you are in charge of the whole sex activity. This style is very effective, as it does not limit you to one point. The style is very easy for instance, the man needs to lie on the back, and your partner will then straddle your waist before lying down on you. You then should give your female partner support by holding the hips. This sex position is appropriate as it allows the women to reach orgasm fast.

Comfort zone or missionary style
The pleasure that this position grants to women is endless. It involves great passion and creativity. The woman lies down on bed, and then spreads the legs apart. The man then should slide the knees between the thighs of the woman. Place the wrist of your partner above the head and start thrusting the genitals. Women like the display of dominance in the bedroom. This style helps them to achieve it either in an overt or subtle manner.

The coital alignment
This style has the capability of increasing orgasm. It starts with the missionary position. However, a man needs to move upwards in order to be able to grind the clitoris. The female partner then should wrap legs around you. Put emphasis on creating the rocking motion.

Standing up position
This style requires great co-ordination strength and balance. It is appropriate for spontaneous and quick sex. The female leans against the wall, and then wraps legs around you. This enables you to penetrate deeply without sacrificing your stability.

Doggy style
This is the best style that can help you get deep penetration and greater stimulation of the G-spot. Your partner should kneel on all fours. You should then kneel from behind then place your hands on the hips. Pull the hips backwards against yours in every thrust. Let your partner set the thrust depth for a mutual enjoyment.

Sex spoon position
This is an intimate position.Both bodies should lay on sides while they are pressed up close. You are required to thrust gently and slowly from behind. It is a reliable style especially when it comes to climaxing. It is the best position that makes every woman happy.

Sex shower position
This works best if there is a ledge or tub to place your foot on. There should be a non-slippery rubber mat for safety purposes when you are in the shower. Your partner can get support from the curtain rod as you enter from behind. This position helps you to thrust deeply.

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