The basic definition of AI tells us that it’s the procedure of making/creating a computer-controlled robot or software in such a way that its intelligence matches that of an average human being. Now the problem arises that to maintain such a high level of intelligent software we need to ensure its working efficiency in both development and beta stages. For this we need the best software testing company. Hence, one should look for the best software testing companies that have experience and tools to test the AI machines.

To achieve this, a software testing company that provides their client's high levels of software testing service and quality assurance should be consulted with. The best software testing company varies according to one’s needs and they can be found by a mere search on the internet or with a reference. But the ones that are on the top of the list include- IBM, QA Mentor, Capgemini, Wipro, Cognizant, HP, Infosys, TCS, etc. The kinds of software testing services and quality assurance they provide are very easily accessible in the market and are made available in different affordable packages. The ones listed above as the best software testing companies provide services in the field of both Black box testing and White Box testing.

To be at the top in the list of best QA companies, a service provider has to work both in the field of ´black-box´ and ‘white-box’ testing.

Black-box testing includes:

• equivalence partitioning
• boundary value analysis
• all pairs testing
• state transition tables
• decision table testing
• model based testing
• exploratory testing and
• specific based testing

White box testing includes:

• API testing
• code coverage
• mutation testing and
• static testing

In general, one considers a company as one of the best software testing companies if its service offers a comprehensive set of testing services. The software testing services can include automation testing services and specialised services such as performance and SOA evaluation.

Several other IT companies as stated above are also working in other fields such as alpha testing/beta testing. Hence the best software company provides services that cover the most important domains on which AI works.

When a software testing company provides quality assurance for a business firm, it doesn’t mean that the deal ends there, but rather it continues because of a particular company’s software testing services totally different from the other one. The sophisticated software manipulations, which have been done by one of the best QA companies, may vary with respect to the other. Hence it is best to look out for the best software testing company for a one-time investment from the service seeker.

The best QA Companies nowadays are working in various fields of testing. The quality assurance given to a service seeker is based on how the programming structure is performed according to time and its work functions. Looking at one of the best software testing company and their functions in the field of AI is vast and their development on a day-to-day basis is increasing.

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Ruslan writes about functional and non functional software testing topics like, automation testing, regression testing, performance testing, integration testing, etc.