At home, solar energy is increasingly being talked about for one's own consumption. If you plan to take advantage of the sun that heats your facade, you may want to consider installing solar panels.

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What is solar energy?

The energy recovered from sunlight, which we receive every day later, can be converted into electricity through receiving devices commonly referred to as solar panels. The benefits of having solar panels at home are that they help reduce your electricity billing costs and also support the ecology of the planet.

Let's start by defining the main components of the solar panel:

Photovoltaic modules generate electricity by penetrating sunlight on its surface. They consist of cells (solar cells) made of silicon, an inexpensive metal, and a good semiconductor.

Because each cell produces a small amount of electricity, they are grouped in series to form solar panels to increase the power produced.

Solar panels require little maintenance and have a service life of 30 years. They are designed to generate electrical energy in any environment, even on cloudy days, by capturing light that filters through the clouds.

They have a high resistance to the elements due to the tempered glass layer at the top of the cells and thanks to the plastic layer at the bottom.

When electricity generated by the sun becomes direct current, it is done through a solar transformer that converts to alternating current so that it can operate in the household.

The city of Dallas has an ideal geographical location for the installation of efficient solar cell systems because solar energy can be captured to a large extent, so a team of Dynamic SLR experts warmly recommends the use of solar energy for the home, business, and industries. with high costs in electricity consumption.

Advantages of solar panels:

They are environmentally friendly because they do not cause pollution with fossil fuels.

They do not cause visual or audio pollution. The one-time initial investment is recouped and exceeded during the use of the panels.

They require little and simple maintenance. It is a viable option for remote communities that do not have electricity.

They still produce energy even if the light is not direct. The installation can be done yourself as it is simple and quick with proper instructions.

The cost of conventional energy can be significantly reduced or canceled. You can expand the number of solar panels installed without installation difficulties.

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