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Straightforward Steps to start out

Visit '' '' and send a message request with the details and specifics of your targeted iPhone model and Phone number to the registered iOS device.

Select one in all the subscriptions and fill out the form. Complete your payment and check your email for remote installation directions.

Start with the remote installation process which goes through the interface on a cloud-based dashboard service provider and no need to download an app and install it on the device physically.

Please note: Premium options need ontogenesis in order to access the target device.

View the knowledge:
Log in to your dashboard personal panel to look at all the activities on the device.

Advantages Of

. It takes up to 5 minutes to set up the remote service. No jailbreak or root required*
. You will remain 100% invisible and anonymous within the cloud space. The app’s icon won't be displayed
. Information about all activities on the device updates every 5 min remotely
. All information is securely stored and protected. Only you have access to it
. 24/7 free multi-lingual support. We are happy to help at any time
. Budget-friendly service.

All Features of '' ''

All incoming and outgoing calls with timestamps, duration, and caller info

All sent, received and retrieval of deleted texts with timestamps and contact info as well.

The current location on the map, routes, and visited places

Browser history
All web browser history and activities with timestamps and bookmarks

Whatsapp, Snapchat, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Hangout, Line, etc. As well as retrieval of deleted chat and media files.

Social Apps
Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc. As well as retrieval of deleted Social media Apps content

Photos and Videos
All media that is shared, received, downloaded, or stored on the device and retrieval of deleted media files.

Other activity
Contacts, Calendar, Emails, Installed Apps, Wi-Fi networks and more


What happens when purchased?
As soon as payment is confirmed, you would like to ascertain your inbox for the welcome email. Ensure you check each Inbox and Spam folders. The welcome email contains the link to your personal target's device information with the Login credentials. Follow the link and login to your dashboard device, wherever you'll notice AN Installation Wizard. it'll walk you thru the remote installation method and facilitate to synchronise up the new device.

What if i want technical support?
We offer a number of levels of technical assistance listed below:

Free Service - e-mail support, live chat help.

Paid Phone Support – 24/7 personalised client help with every step of the remote installation method additionally to the free support service.

Assistance - paid influential person maturation help, installation with Team Viewer, facilitate with configuration and 24/7 technical help over the phone, in live chat, and via email.

The Paid Phone Support and Solid-Assistance services are facultative and non-refundable.

How to install on iOS?
No installation is needed for iOS. You would like to supply either of your target's iCloud (email address OR password and model of the phone ) account credentials of the target device. Once you input the iCloud credentials in your electrical device, can link the target iOS device together with your personal account and begin the synchronization. Physical access to the iPhone could also be needed just in case 2-step authentication is enabled.

How to install on Android?
Place the order and log in to your electrical device with login credentials provided within the welcome letter. Follow the directions in your Panel to transfer and install the app. If you wish to use Premium options, you'll ought to root your device. maturation isn't difficult and our support team will guide you thru the method.

Where am I able to see the information from the device?
Once is ready informed the device, the knowledge can mechanically be displayed in your personal target's device which will be accessed from any browser.

How usually is that the info updated?
If you’re registered on an iOS, you'll receive the information within twenty-four hours since the most recent make a copy has been done.
If you have got on the robot, you'll be able to expect to receive updates that supported the Update Interval you have got elect within the electrical device.

How many devices will the subscription cover?
One subscription arrange covers one device solely. Get another subscription if you wish to feature the second device.

Can I amendment devices while not dynamic the subscription?
Yes. you'll be able to switch to a distinct device among a similar subscription while not paying any further fees.

Will I be notified if the app is uninstalled?
Yes. you'll receive a notification just in case the appliance was faraway from the device.

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