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1.) SolidarityHack Service:This is the spyware that can be installed remotely on devices running some versions of iOS, Apple's mobile operating system, as well on devices running Android. It was developed by the affiliates of the Israeli cyberarms firm, NSO Group.

Discovered in August 2018 after a failed attempt at installing it on an iPhone belonging to a wealthy business man's wife, an investigation revealed details about the spyware, its abilities, and the security vulnerabilities it exploited. It is capable of reading text messages, tracking calls, collecting passwords, tracing the location of the phone, accessing the target device's microphone(s) and video camera(s), and gathering information from apps as well as retrieve all deleted messages and media files from any device of target.

The easiest way to hire a hacker and track someone’s WhatsApp account is by using the online WhatsApp tracker to gain remote access to the phone. This tool can be accessed by visiting and follow the steps as enumerated below.
Step 1: Go to the website mentioned above and click on the “Start Hacking target cell phone Now” button.
Step 2: In the space provided, enter the mobile number/icloud credentials or info on android phone of the account you want to hack, along with the country code but no “+” sign.
Step 3: Select what you want to extract from that account, like chat, photos or everything for the spy app to start remotely.
Step 4: You can also select a particular time period for monitoring software of the chats or other data that you wish to download, instead of choosing all.
Step 5: All the data will be compressed into a single zip file for you to download.
Step 6: Click the download button to download all the history.


Facebook Account Hacking
Facebook is the most widely used social network with over 2.20 billion people, It contains users personal conversations, photos, and sensitive data.
We at Solidarity Hacker always use anonymous and discreet methods to hack target accounts. we even hack mobile authentication to make sure you monitor without any interruptions.
Keeping your target username, mobile number, and email address linked the facebook account will come in handy while hacking.
Mobile Device Access:

Gain complete access to any target mobile device

Android / IOS

All we need is mobile number and device model to verify security of device. Anonymous methods
Requires 1-2 days ( contact admin for quick service ) Web portal access to monitor
Computer Remote Access Hacking:

Control everything on your target computer with your finger tips.

Leave us all the dirty work, just sit back and relax while we take care of all the technical and professional work and provide you access to control every feature on the device.

Supports ALL operating Systems Website Hacking Hack or Pentest website

Every website you see online will definitely have some vulnerabilities to let Our hackers in, There is no exception, Our hackers effort will break the security, Gain access to database will give full admin privilege controls over website and data ,Our Hackers can modify data as per your requirements, They can delete website completely or deface it.
We use anonymous methods to hack
Dark web exploits
Negative reputation sites removal
Ultimate Mobile Phone Spy:


View all incoming/outgoing calls with live recording feature, Review texts, iMessages, and multimedia files sent or received by your target.


Track the current GPS location of your target’s phone. Set alert zones like “ ex-home”, “work” or “Sara’s house”. Receive alerts each time your victim enters or leaves a zone.


View all installed applications, personalized via your Control Panel, Monitor newly downloaded apps including dating apps, whatsapp, Facebook messaging and more.


Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, No jailbreak or rooting required, Undetectable and invisible mode.


We provide you remote and discrete installation to your target device for some extra bucks, You can Track and Control any Smartphone. Remotely and anonymously


Use our simple yet powerful web control panel to monitor all activity from target device, Data will be routed through our anonymous servers, You don’t require any technical knowledge to use our web portal.

Account Access

Email being the most commonly used method for communication is highly prone to be hacked.It contains all personal, sensitive and confidential information in its storage .Once hacked,the hacker can provide you access to all these information and you can operate account without being noticed .You can send or receive the emails, read incoming and out going emails and track all the activities using the id and password. Email hacking process involves accessing other person’s email account and manipulating it as desired. People do not even realize about their email account being hacked because hackers do not need to login to the account for accessing information. According to a new study email hacking is now a bit easier and much faster than you can expect, hardly a few hours and our pro hackers can gain access.

Even More Services:
Instagram Hacking
Twitter Hacking
Hotmail Hacking
Rediff mail Hacking
Yandex mail Hacking
Pinterest Hacking
YouTube channel Hacking
Blogger Hacking
WordPress Hacking
Skype Hacking
Software Hacking
Penetration test
Database dumping
Database editing
Database securing
Credit Fraud Recovering
Windows Hacking
WIFI Password Cracking
Skype Hacking
Software Hacking
Penetration test
Credit Score Fix
Cryptocurrency Theft
DDOS Attacking
Ethical Hacking Learning
Man in the middle attack
Remote PC Monitoring:


Learn the truth and put your mind at ease!
Records Absolutely EVERYTHING They Do with Full back door access
Remote Monitoring and Management
Robust, Invisible Activity Recording
Remotely Uninstall & Change Settings
Designed and coded by our experienced professional hackers, No matter the location, we will provide access via anonymous remote methods which Runs in stealth mode and sends every information to our servers and your portal.


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