There are many online book rentals and buy-back companies that allow you to sell, buy or rent old and/or new textbooks. While finding such businesses is not a daunting task, not all book rentals you come across online will meet your needs. Some have strict policies, unmanageable return conditions and unreasonable charges for late returns. It is important to take time and review your offers before choosing any online rental. After ordering the same textbook from several online book rentals, we have narrowed down the list to these 3 most reliable offers of 2018;

BooksRun (Best one-stop textbook rental)

BooksRun is definitely one of the best online textbook rentals you will find in 2018. They do not only allow you to rent and buy textbooks, but also help you sell books you no longer need. They have a streamlined framework that includes free book shipping and convenient payment methods through check and PayPal. For rentals, BooksRun have one of the best book renting policy. They allow you to specify the period to want to rent your textbooks and have fair extension fees. You can quickly order book rentals online or ask any question from the support community. BooksRun is among the best offers since it covers the needs of everyone including those who want to make some profit from books they have no need for. The only disadvantage is they do not provide eBook versions of the rented books.

Chegg (Best for flexible terms)

Chegg is often listed among the best book rentals online especially in terms of flexibility when it comes to renting policy. You can rent books for 90 days, 120 days or 180 days and an eBook version is sent immediately you make the purchase. This is very helpful when making your decision to rent or buy a book. It also means you can start reading the book as you wait for the physical copy to arrive. Besides offering book rentals, Chegg connects students to exam preps, tutorials and scholarships. What’s more, they provide extensive support including hub forums where you can post questions at any time. The only downside to Chegg is their limited options for physical books. You can only order for a specific period rather than data

Amazon (Best value/affordability)

Amazon is the industry best in most sectors including textbook rentals. However, it is the affordability and variety that makes them different from the rest. You can browse titles that are not popular and find incredible discounts from different sellers. With all the choices you have when renting or buying a book, Amazon offers the best value possible. All you need to do is review and compare your choices. You can also use Kindle to get instant access or enjoy the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member by getting an unlimited number of books for an annual subscription fee. The disadvantage is that Amazon will automatically bill and charge when you miss the return data You also need to be a member to enjoy their free 2-day shipping.


There are several other reliable book rentals in the market. When looking for such offers, it is recommendable to review aspects like rental options, return policy, customer service and market reputation. Choose reputable platforms that are known to provide quality and convenient book rental services in your area. They should also have a wide catalogue of books including those rarely sighted at bookstores.

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