The pandemic has virtually forced all nations of the world to enforce lockdown as scientists and health workers battle to get a vaccine and take care of the infected ones respectively. So many people are getting so bored they can’t wait for the end of the lockdown so that they can go for a weekend getaway near Mumbai or book an exciting picnic spot near Pune.

The end of the lockdown may be several weeks away, and it's even pretty challenging to think beyond the weeks of quarantine ahead. But that shouldn’t stop you from pondering a positive future and a return to normalcy.

And what better way to kick-start life after the lockdown than visiting a family and couple camping place or Pawna Lake Camping?

Never in the wildest dreams of most people could they imagine life without the ability to do whatever they wished and at any time, especially when there is no war.

But thanks to the scourge of the pandemic, it has become the new reality as almost everyone is serving a few days’ sentences of house arrest in order to stay safe.

So, what are the things you have promised yourself that you would do when all this is over and everyone can go back to their normal lifestyle?

Staying indoors eases the strain on the NHS, there is no denying the fact that you may have thought long and hard about the things you will once the world is free from the coronavirus.

In case you have no idea what to do when the lockdown is lifted, the following are some of the best things to do post-lockdown:

Chill with Your Friends

Do you miss hanging out with your friends? Almost everyone does and is even considered one of the biggest challenges of this lockdown. Whether your friends are living on the same street with you or across town, the lockdown may have prevented you guys from meeting up at your favorite pub and jawing for a few hours.

So, a chill-out session with your friends at a camping spot near Pune will make a lot of sense. No network connection will cut anyone off, and it can be one of the exciting things you can do post-lockdown.

Take a Break from Netflix, Hulu and the rest!

Even if you never liked watching shows or movies due to your busy schedules, the lockdown will force you to turn to Netflix or Hulu to escape boredom.
But as soon as the lockdown is over and everything is up and running seamlessly again, taking a break from Netflix and stepping out to enjoy the outdoors will not be such a bad idea.

One of the reasons why most natives – and foreigners – love camping near Mumbai and Pune is the serenity of the area as well as its closeness to nature. The region around the Pawna Lake camping ground has lush greenery, and the air is pure and untainted by the fingers of civilization.

Pawna Lake Camping

You may consider camping near Mumbai or Pune or go for Pawna Lake camping. Pawna Lake is one of the most popular – and most visited – tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Its popularity stems from not only its view but also as a result of the several historic sites peppered around the area.

Pawna Lake camps showcase an enticing lure that is adorned with the pure bliss of nature. The area is settled at a serene, picturesque geographic point which gives campers an extensive view of nature and clean, unpolluted air. It serves as an excellent weekend getaway for people in Pune, Mumbai, and Lonavala.

Pawna Lake camping has several adventures that you may consider embarking on such as ATV riding, trekking, canoeing, parasailing, boating, etc.

You will even be thrilled to discover that some campers love guitar performances as provided by Pawna Lake Camping authorities, thus implying that there is no shortage of recreational activities to engage in at this remarkable site, post-lockdown.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway near Mumbai or a camping spot near Pune, Pawna Lake is the perfect place for you and your buddies to visit. And of course, it is great as a family vacation spot for you if you are a family man.

The following are some of the best Pawna Lake camps:
Pawna Lake Camping
Pawna Lake Camp for Family
Couple-Friendly Pawna Lake Camp
Pawna Lake Camp with DJ and Bonfire
Pawna Lake Camping with Trekking
Pawna Lake Camp with Paragliding
Pawna Lake Camping with Adventure Activities
Pawna Lake Camp with Live Guitar Performance

The overnight camping experience at Pawna Lake is second to none, and many tourists and campers always love to relive spending the night under the starry sky.

More Information about Pawna Lake Camping

If you are looking for an exclusive camper's paradise, look no further than Pawn Lake Camping. You can enjoy lots of benefits and facilities during Pawna Lake camping, though this is based primarily on the package you go for as indicated in the previous section.

The camper’s paradise is surrounded by several aerial hills which enhance the beauty and serenity of the place. Before the lockdown brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, it was the go-to place for a magical experience for anyone who wants to take a break from the hustles and bustles of city life and pollution.

Pawna Lake used to be an area that was largely unexplored by both the natives and foreigners. But since the construction of the Pawna Dam, the lake has attracted lots of attention, thereby increasing the value and importance of the area.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake can be visited at any time of the year; however, the best times of the year to visit the place – according to regular campers and authorities – is from January to May and from October to December.

During these periods, the weather is perfect, and there will be no challenges in any way for those who plan to visit Pawna Lake. That is to say, the weather will not hamper your experience at all, especially when it comes to outdoor activities or absorbing the natural beauty of the surroundings.

When it comes to Pawna Lake camping, you will wake up to the beautiful sunrise, and be able to plan your day and go to bed with a dazzling sunset wishing you good night when you visit at the beginning of the year.

And if you prefer to go around December, you will awake to cool and gentle breezes that will enhance your experience in the camps. These months also give room for more outdoor or adventurous activities to take place if what you are hoping for is a memorable Pawna Lake camping experience.
The Do’s and Don’ts for Optimal Pawna Lake Camping Experience

Are you traveling to Pawna Lake from Mumbai? Then don't take the long route, i.e. the Kamshet route. The shortest route from Mumbai to the family and couple place is the Dudhiware Khind route.

If you are scared of water, it is recommended that you stay away from any water sport activities. The artificial lake is very deep and might be unsafe for you.

If, on the other hand, you are a good swimmer, you should take your swimming gear along with you to the camping spot near Pune.

Bring along camping essentials like first aid, torchlight, camera, etc.

Never carry too much luggage.

As you can see, there are several activities you can engage in post-lockdown, and the one that will leave a lasting impression on your mind is Pawna Lake camping. It will be worth it.

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The Pawna Lake Camping site is a great place to begin your adventure with family and friends. You can pull out your list and plan your trip so you don’t leave anything out. Escape Way Pawna Lake Camping also boasts of very comfortable and state of the art accommodation for those who wish to spend a couple of days outdoors.