Time travel appears in many films. Whether it's sci-fi, horror, comedy, or action - we have put together a list of the best films that you should know as a fan of time travel.

We love time travel films! Not only because of the idea of ​​time travel itself and the fantastic opportunities it offers but also because it provides a basis for processing all kinds of ideas about fate, free will, etc. It's also a genre where production value can be irrelevant as long as you have a good script and use a few tricks to get it right. For this top list, we have put together a few of the Best Time Travel Movies.

Back to the Future

Really no big surprise for first place. But what else should you take? Let's ignore the pure cult value and the fact that it is the time travel film that almost everyone has seen. The film is still Dynamic Timeline at it's best!

Twelve Monkeys

Based on the French short film "La Jetée" (which you should definitely watch if you don't already know it), "12 Monkeys" is one of the darkest and most devastating time travel films ever. I'm just saying "Fixed Timeline" ... Despite all the jumps and craziness, the film is perfectly self-contained.

Triangle - Fear comes in waves

How? Such an unknown film so high on the list? Well, that's no coincidence. "Triangle" is a straight-to-DVD production, but also a perfect mixture of mystery, thriller, horror and time travel film. It's delusion to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different effect.

Donnie Darko - Fear the Dark

Actually, I think the film is a bit overrated because a lot of people think the film is more profound than it actually is. In any case, it is extremely stylish and the way in which time travel works and is treated here is also something very unique and quite interesting.

The Time Machine

Probably one or the other stone my mind because I didn't choose the 1960 film version for the list, but I stand by the decision. On the one hand, a little more distance to the original is not so bad and on the other hand, the Morlocks look really stupid in the 60s version . I praise the monster design and the ideas of the 2003 version.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

As someone who hasn't read the books, the Prisoner of Azkaban was the part that made the series really interesting. Not using the time-turner is maybe a gaping hole in the plot of the later parts, but fuck it! In this part, all the time travel tricks and loops fit together perfectly.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

What would you do with a time machine? The explanation is essentially always somehow clever or elaborate. "Bill & Ted" takes a completely different path by handing two permanently stoned nonsense a time machine to kidnap historical personalities. This is exactly what lies at the heart of this film: Relatively mindless fun, including extremely outdated "youth language" from the 90s.

Time bandits

Terry Gilliam has always had a weakness for the weird and the extraordinary. His time travel adventure "Time Bandits" is accordingly a colorful mash-up of historical settings, myths, time-traveling dwarfs and a fight against evil itself. Not particularly coherent, but very impressive and weird in a charming, 80s-like way.

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