A press release, media release, news release, or news statement is a written or recorded communication aimed at news media for announcing something “you” claim to have news value.

If you are in the music industry, you can utilize this tool successfully to expose yourself to the masses.

This post will guide you about when to write a music press release, music press release format, and finally, how to write one effectively for it to get you recognition, which is vital in the music industry in terms of “success”.
When to Write a Music Press Release

Concerts/shows, band tour information, tour dates
Record label signing, publishing, merchandizing information
Band personnel changes, hiring of session musicians, auditions
CD, tape, singles, movie soundtrack, and video release information
Miscellaneous announcements about anything you and your record label is doing

Requirements of Print, Internet, and Broadcast Media

News and announcements for the target media
Deadlines met for calendar events and event schedules
Information in relevance to the coverage area

Format & Structure

There is a standard format followed for writing press releases. It will greatly enhance your credibility if you present your material in a professional and concise manner.

The first lines you want to include are:
"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” followed by the contact information below it…
Writing the Headline

The headline is the single most important sentence of your press release. If the headline is catchy, it will get attention and compel readers to read further. Here is a very good example of a headline:

Working on the Lead Paragraph

Mention physical location (country, state, city) followed by Month, Day and Year. Begin with a strong paragraph, which is compelling to its readers and provides most relevant information about the headline. The lead paragraph needs to be crafted in such a way as it is going to be the only visible content to its readers. It contains the hook, which is not going to let go of a reader.

You need to be in contact with the five W’s. Who, what, where, when, and why. Include “how” if it deems appropriate or if there is room for it. Since the headline of this press release deals with a full-length album release, you need to provide all following information that would interest the media and the reader:

Who is releasing the album?
What is in the album (track listing), what is the theme of the album?
Where is the album going to be released (worldwide, or just USA)?
When it will be released?
How it will be released (LP, CD, tape, etc) and through which record label?

The Body

This section elaborates on the main purpose of your press release. It is an elaboration of your lead paragraph. Write information in descending order of importance. Keep this section factual and free from flaunting words and phrases. Opinions should always go in quotes with appropriate credits like, “We want to dedicate this album to our loyal fans that have been with us since our very first release”, said (mention credits).

The body should consist of more than one paragraph, thus letting your further the contents of the lead paragraph. You can highlight the band’s recent activities here, their upcoming tours, future plans, and some reference to a few links which can help the reader with more relevant information about the band and their activities etc.

At the end of the release, summarize your story in the last paragraph and add “about us" information that is necessary. Follow it up with a “contact” for further information and finally, end your press release with the symbol "###". This symbol tells the editor that they have received the full copy of the release.
Key Points to Remember

Write from a journalist point of view and never use “I” or “we” unless in quotes.
Stay away from fancy, flaunting phrases and sentences.
Shorter is better; if you can keep it around 500 words then it is great.

Sample Format for Your Music Press Release

For more information, contact:
Your Name
Your Street Address
City, State, Zip Code

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