As a do-it-yourself expert, you know that there is nothing more satisfying than a job well done. You also know that doing your own repairs can save you a lot of money. To repair a washer, all you need is a screwdriver, some pliers and some basic guidelines, and you are well on your way to becoming an expert on home appliance repair.

The first step is to try to figure out where the problem is. If the disc is not running and you do not hear any sound coming from it, there are several things to check. Make sure the disc is plugged in, and then check the circuit breakers to see if the circuit may be overloaded. If none of these seem to be the problem and the water is on, check to see if the water hose is plugged in and on. If the engine is not running at all, it may need to be replaced.

If the disc creates noise, the motor will at least get enough power for it. This means that another problem arises. Check if the disc is filled with water and that the water fills to the correct level. If it does not fill properly, make sure the water supply is turned on all the way. It is also a good idea to check the pressure to make sure it is correct. Check the drain hose and make sure it is properly seated at the top of the interior tub. It is a good idea at this point to check the drainage of the water hose. Make sure it is in the correct position 38 inches or level with the top of the dial. Make sure it does not allow the water to drain when it is filled. The last thing to check is to make sure the hose is not being pulled too tight near the main drain or that the water is not draining properly. Make sure that the distance around the hose is not clogged or that the water is flowing from it instead of going in.

If the problem is the water or the cycles, replace the timer. Write the make and model number before buying the new timer to make sure it works with your disc. Make sure the washer is not connected, remove the dials and control panel. Look for the wire connecting the timer to the washer and push them back if they are too long. When disconnecting each cord from the old timer, connect the same location to the new timer to make sure they are properly connected.

If, after troubleshooting, you find that the water level is the problem, you may need to replace the inlet valve. You can find the hoses at the back of the disc after removing the back panel. Disconnect both hoses from the washer and from where they are connected on the outside of the washer. Locate the wires on the terminal and disconnect them as well. Remove the screws that hold the valves in place on the washer. You need to check the bobbin thread by tapping it lightly to see if it is lost. If it does not work, replace it by installing a new one in the opposite procedure that you used to remove the old one.

If your disc does not agitate, repairing or replacing it is a simple job. First, make sure it is not cracked as your clothing may get trapped in it. If it only has jagged pieces, you may be able to grind them smooth again. If that doesn't solve the problem, just unscrew the cap, pull off the old stirrer, push a new one, and secure it with a new cap for more visit here

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If your disc does not agitate, repairing or replacing it is a simple job.