There are several options for Indian parents who want to choose high school in Dubai. Known for its commercial development, high living standards, and urbanisation, the UAE is a hub of expatriates who constitute nearly 88.5% of the country’s population. Since expatriates account for around 27% of the population, most emirates like Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi boast of many prestigious Indian and international schools.

Useful Information for Indian parents in Dubai

Owing to several regulatory authorities such as the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB), and the Dubai Schools Agency, Dubai's education standards are fairly high.

Arabic is compulsory as the second language only till the 9th Grade. Special beginner’s classes are conducted to help newcomers, and the syllabus is very basic, easy-to-grasp for non-Arabic students.

Also, while the UAE academic year commences in September, the schools following the Indian curriculum begin their academic year in April.

All school admissions are routed via the KHDA, regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai. Details of all schools, along with a mandatory list of documents for admission, are available on the KHDA website.

For Indian schools, the age eligibility is computed based on the child’s age on the 31st of July for the particular academic year.

The latest details and rankings of all Indian schools are available on the KHDA website.

Things to do while seeking the best school for your child.

The various parameters that can help you opt for the best high school in Dubai for Indian and international students.

1. Filter schools based on location and curriculum- As mentioned earlier, parents can find a list of all schools in Dubai on the KHDA website. The website search options allow you to set filters based on curriculum, grade and location. Under Indian school curriculum, the most popular option is the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Many Indian students in Dubai also opt for Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum, which provides a global outlook. Needless to state, set the location filter in proximity to your residential address.

2. Start with checking KHDA Ranking- Once you have the list of nearby CBSE schools with your chosen curriculum, the next step would be to check their individual KHDA rankings. Based on inspection reports by the Ministry of Education Authorities, the KHDA assigns performance reviews of schools. These ratings are revised on an annual basis and can be categorized as:-
-Very Good

It would be beneficial to go through the ratings and narrow down the schools of your choice.

1. Explore teaching standards and facilities- The next step in identifying a good high school in Dubai would be to check each school's individual website. If possible, download the online prospectus and read thoroughly. Renowned schools always communicate their teaching methodology in detail. The various school facilities, campus safety, sports training and other co-curricular activities are also key factors for choosing the best school for your child. Take your time to check, because there are multiple areas to look into. For instance, how well-stocked is the school library? How big and well-equipped are the school playgrounds? What are the facilities for indoor sports? Is there a debate or drama club that your child is interested in? There are many more questions to ask and look into.

2. Examine Fees Structure- Another advantage of looking for schools on the KHDA website is a search-filter for the Annual Fee Range. So once you are sure about the curriculum, preferred location and minimal rating, you can shortlist the preferred schools on the basis of your budgetary constraints. Do a comparative analysis of the fees-structure of your shortlisted schools vis-à-vis the facilities provided. Also check the school website to see if there are scholarship provisions and whether your child could be eligible for the same.

3. Find out about Admission Facilities and Procedure- Schools can also be identified in terms of ease of admission procedure. The schools that simplify admission procedure are definitely worth applying for - they will have simple online admission forms with detailed filling instructions, a list of documents in compliance with KHDA guidelines, and detailed information on entrance tests and interviews.

4. Schedule Campus Tour- Once you have finished your online research, seek word-of-mouth reviews from your contacts in the Indian Diaspora and speak with the admissions counselors, the final step would entail taking an actual tour of the school campus. It gives the first-hand opportunity to assess the facilities, safety levels, and interaction with teachers to decide if you are satisfied with the school's overall standards.

Parents need to research a school before filling the application form for their impressionable children. A good high school will focus on each child's holistic development by providing ample extracurricular and co-curricular activities. They will also focus on academics and happiness of a child, to ensure children remain curious and energetic.

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