The vision of Fortis Hospitals is to “create a world-class integrated delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care”. Based on this, we work and always strive to take the quality of the work to the next level. Diseases like multiple sclerosis which can’t be cured can be controlled if properly treated. So the main focus of the Fortis is there. They target the proper treatment for multiple sclerosis. If proper treatment is done, the disease can be kept in check and the person can up to a certain extent lead a normal life once again.

As already said multiple sclerosis is incurable. But the proper multiple sclerosis treatment can control the course of the disease. This is basically done with the help of available drugs. Synthetic forms of beta interferon help in reduction of the occurrence of the relapses and disability. This is just one example of a drug which is used in the treatment for multiple sclerosis. Glatimer acetate is another very prominent drug used in the treatment.

In any disease, proper diagnosis is essential. Multiple sclerosis being an incurable disease needs proper diagnosis initially. It is very important because proper treatment is immediately required for any patient suffering from this disease. Fortis Hospitals has an excellent diagnostic department with specialized doctors who excel in the job of multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

People suffering from this disease have verified that only medication has not helped them stay healthy. Exercise has. Non-pharmacological treatments like regular exercise and enough rest can help you stay fit and can help you lead a more active life. Physical therapy strengthens the weak muscles and improves blood coordination. Other daily jobs can help the process but nothing works like exercise. For this you need to take the advice of your doctor and a proper trainer. In most cases the doctors specify the trainer who specializes in training in multiple sclerosis patients. This routine really helps the patients improve their health to a great extent. Fortis has the doctor obviously, but the trainers the doctors refer you to be perfect in their jobs. They have treated scores of MS patients and are thoroughly experienced.

Suffering from a disease is always bad. At the end of the day you have to visit the doctor and tae his advice regarding your proper treatment. Naturally you will want to go for the best doctors rather the inexperienced ones who have received many complaints in the past. That is what Fortis provides you with; the best doctors, best facilities and everything at a very reasonable rate. After all your well-being is all we are concerned about.

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