As you get older, loose bags of skin and wrinkles begin to appear under the eyes, however there are some things that may be done to keep them at bay. There are several skin proteins including elastins and collagen, that the body creates naturally to help keep the skin firm, lubricated and supple. The production of these skin proteins decreases gradually with aging and allows wrinkles to appear on the face. How to get rid of eye wrinkles is to apply a combination of all-natural ways and holistic folk therapies to reduce and eliminate them.

Holistic methods can protect and revitalize the skin layers and are the best way to get rid of eye wrinkles. Face exercises have become widely appreciated recently and are claimed to be very useful when used in a combined treatment with various other holistic methods. There are several of these exercises that are designed to work on the eye area. Keeping the fingers below the eyebrows and pushing up and then down gently on the eyes might help to get rid of water which has accumulated into bags beneath the eyes. Do that several times, maintaining the pressure for not more than 5 seconds.

Stopping further damage to the skin is a good step in how to get rid of eye wrinkles. Environmental factors like the wind, the sun's dehydrating ultra violet rays and pollution could cause the skin great damage. When spending time in the open air, a good quality pair of sunglasses is required to be worn to safeguard the delicate areas around the eyes and a sunscreen lotion with high spf factor should be applied over the skin. The drying and aging effects from the sun are a major cause of wrinkle formation around the eyes. Eating a healthy diet is yet another holistic way to help the skin.

A healthy and wholesome diet is good for your overall health but it is also essential for preventing skin wrinkles. Wholesome food like fresh vegetables and whole grains include plenty of antioxidants which are very beneficial at protecting your skin from the toxins and free radical molecules that can age and wrinkle it. You should take a supplement that includes all of the necessary vitamins and minerals each day, to ensure that your body has these vital nutrients that help to keep skin youthful. Keep skin moist by drinking water and washing your face with water often.

You have several holistic remedies and natural folk treatment options that you can use as a solution to how to get rid of eye wrinkles. Many of them have been in use for centuries and are proven to work and to be risk-free. Honey is a good moisturizer for your skin and itcontains loads of antioxidants. Massaging coconut oil into eye wrinkles can also be helpful at reducing wrinkles. Placing an ice pack or other chilled items for example cool cucumber slices over the eyes might also help with removing wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Liquid vitamin E can be massaged into wrinkles as it helps to moisturize your skin and reduce wrinkle formation.

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