ShopCentroScampoliTende (Curtains) are essential part of our house hold. They give a beautiful look to our house and provide comfort from sun light and dust. A good set of curtains is always adds aesthetics to a house. The best match of curtain set is highly recommended for bed rooms, living rooms and lounges. In modern world living, house hold appears to be incomplete without a good pair of curtain set.

Our curtains are a class apart as far as their design, color and appearance is considered. The looks of the curtains attract your eyes and give you a soothing affect. You can get these curtains for your own house hold or you can give them as a gift to your loved ones.

Before you buy our curtains, you must know the best features of our brand of curtains. The salient features of our curtains are as under.

Best quality material:

Our curtains at ShopCentroScampoli are made up of the finest cotton. This cotton is taken from the finest cotton regions where the cotton is grown with care and technology. The yarn produced from the cotton is suitable for weaving and becoming an exquisite curtain. Moreover, the curtain is silky and its touch is ever so fine. This attracts the eye of visitor and gives him the comfort.

Besides, the curtains also come in polyester material. These curtains are 100% polyester and are best fit for bed room. The polyester gives it hard and attractive look. Furthermore, the blend of polyester and cotton is also in demand. These curtains are great in printed material as well as in stitching designs.

Easy to install:

Our curtain set is very easy to install. The already provided holes are meant for easy installations. You do not to get into hassle rather you only need to install the brackets and put a curtain over it. The hole of the curtains comes in one (1) inch diameter. So it never becomes cumbersome when it comes to the installation and packing.

Best quality stitching:

Stitching is the integral part of the curtains. The quality of stitching is associated with the appearance of the curtains. Our curtains come in the quality stitching and they provide suitable thread to the curtains for their looks and beauty. The curtains are stitched with the same color fabric from back side. So there comes no anomaly as far as stitching is considered.

Best thermal design:

Our curtains have great thermal designs. The fabric is composed in such a way that it does not allow sunlight to enter. So you can enjoy your privacy and life. Above all, the curtains also keeps the environment noise free and it does not allow outside noises to dominate your bed room or living room.

Easy wash:

The curtains are easy to wash and their wash does not render them useless. They become ever more fresh and attractive after washing. You need to use good detergent and remain rest assure that our curtains will keep their shape and color.

So if you need to get the curtains for your house, visit our store for variety of curtains best suited to your house.


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