For ages, video conferencing calls are identified as a useful tool to interact with clients and colleagues living overseas. It was just another trick to some individuals from spending money and time that is wasted on travelling abroad. Along with that, it also increases productivity and has been increasingly changing the business world significantly. It doesn't matter whether you adopt free social software, professional cloud-based video conferencing to dedicated room-based telepresence and some other. Each technology is imperative to make use of video conference best practices to have a productive video conference. But like any technology, there are still some of the other elements that can affect the success of a call.

Although every individual wants to make the most out of their VC activities and yet something or the other is doomed to go wrong on the call.

So here have a list of the best video conferencing solutions and common etiquette that will make the video conferencing experience impressive for both you and your client.

1. Keep the environment under check:

Before the meeting, you must make sure that there are no possible distractions in the line of sight of your camera. You have to get rid of all the elements and things which may distract the other participants. Make use of optimal lighting and minimal background noise to make the best impression and deal with the call professionally. Do check whether your phone is kept in the silent mode before the conference. We would instead recommend you to keep the mobiles and such distracting devices out of sight during such sessions if possible. Moreover, make it a point to inform the participants how to mute the microphone as well to ensure that there are no interruptions.

Pro Tip:

You should imagine that the participants from the other side are not on a call but present in the room with you. This will help you in maintaining the decorum and also minimise the possibility of common goof ups.

2. Conduct a trail check to avoid errors:

Having a heads-up always helps during the precaution mode. It keeps you updated according to the situation and doesn't cost us more than a few hours to make sure everything was close to picture perfect. Keep an eye on all smaller problems like trying to eliminate the background noises, stable and fast internet connection, working according to the clients time zone or any of the technical context. Make sure that any such problems will affect the conference adversely with visual disruptions and inconsistent audio if left unchecked. If you are using your laptop for the VC, make sure to adopt a LAN cable that will help guarantee secure connectivity. In case your only choice is wireless connectivity, check if it comes with advanced encryption and password protection, so there is no interruption.

3. Send an agenda with the meeting invitation:

You need to maintain the transparency so it best to keep the client well informed about the reason why they have been invited, which can be easily done by sending them an agenda prior to the meeting /conference. It is necessary that you include it with the meeting invitation as it will enable the guests to prepare appropriately for the meeting.

4. Don't leave your audience in the dark:

A vital aspect of any successful video meeting has to be proper illumination with minimal glare. You can go for natural lights; but if you do so, make sure that it will not distract the participants on the opposite side.

Avoid the rooms with windows for your video meeting. Though they are the ideal source of natural lighting; but when it comes to video call, they can negatively impact the quality by either giving you a harsh silhouette effect or extensive disruptions. You should make use of a room that is designed for lowlight conditions, so your camera has enough time opportunity to adjust the frame and brightness for you and your shadows.

More or less, you must ensure that there is adequate lighting for the camera and try to utilise fluorescent or subtle lights for the meeting room.

5. Make the right choice:

Choosing a video conferencing software can be a task at first, but you have to be careful while picking them. A top quality video conferencing software that will aid in facilitating ideal business communication. Remember to get the updated version of the software and check its compatible with your other requirements, so you get a smooth video collaboration during the conference. It is possible to download these type of applications for free which will help maximise the virtual conferences for higher business returns. In case, you are using the new equipment make sure that the team is well acquainted with its features and use it necessarily.

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Remember that video conferencing can be a compelling tool when the matters come down to relevant discussions, so make sure that nothing stops you from making the best impression. Try to keep the pointers as mentioned above in mind to make your subsequent video conference successful.

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He is an experienced entrepreneur & specialized in providing all types of Video Conferencing Solutions across India. Being a Founder Director at Unified Collaboration Services LLP, Mr Mehta has a skilled team deployed to execute Multiple Video Conferencing Services to their esteemed clients.