Canada is a promising destination for higher education among international students. With its pathway to residence in the country, affordable tuition fees and multiple courses to choose from, the quality of education that is equivalent to the US standards; there is immense scope for professional career growth, which is a driving factor for all immigrants who wish to study in Canada.

Students prefer taking undergraduate courses in Canada the most. Undergraduate courses offered are from a myriad of subjects and areas such as civil engineering, nursing, applied sciences, business administration, pharmacology, finance and more. Students prefer cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Saskatchewan and Ottawa for their studies.

Studious ones with high academic scores are also offered scholarships by the government as well as the respective colleges/ universities. There is a special provision for scholarships for international students in Canada that encourages students to learn better. There is immense support provided by its faculties and professors too.

Engineering: This is one of the likable courses among students that want to pursue science with creativity. It definitely gives innumerable opportunities to create, innovate and develop old and new fundamentals. For those who wish to twist the old gadgets with a blend of the new updated techniques and mechatronics take engineering. It is an open fact that Indian students prefer Engineering the most. There are more than 1000 specialized courses for engineering in Canada. Courses like Electrical and Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering – Automotive and others are among the popular options.

Computer Science: Computers are a gateway to the second world for everyone, that allures learners with its new ways to interconnectivity. With the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, leaders have connected computers to medicine, physics, chemistry and all the areas of technology possible. The most popular courses for computer science are Computer Programming, Applied Computer Science, Computer and Information System – Emerging Technologies and so on.

Business and Management: India has a strong interest in learning business and management as many families have deep roots into business for generations. With such strong business strategies and willingness to learn and practice business globally, students prefer Business and Management Courses with great interest. This could be linked into legal, payroll, corporate work culture as well as import and export. The popular courses chosen are Advanced Business Management, Strategic Business and Management, Accounting and Finance Management.

Health and Nursing: Healthcare is a never declining area of work, which will keep developing and growing with the nuances applied due to technological applications, machinery and operations. Popular courses in Healthcare are Healthcare Management, Healthcare Technology Management, Community Mental Health, Health Administration and so on. While talking of nursing, there is a lot of experience and expertise required apart from medical responsibilities. Nursing and midwifery are a major chunk of health and medical science, which have special occupational importance in the Canadian Government. Popular courses into nursing are Health Sciences in Midwifery and Bachelor of Nursing.

Finance: Studying Finance in Canada, wish to plunge into global accounting, manage and analyze financial cases, wherein they study courses into statistics, macro and microeconomics, financial management for international businesses, financial analyst and forecasting. Such courses help to get job opportunities into banks, financial firms, mortgage firms and so on.
Above are the most popular subjects and fields where international students wish to pursue their bachelors in Canada. Based on the interest and academic career, students should consider consulting best overseas education consultants for suitable options for studying abroad, assistance on college/ universities and visa application, which reduces errors and fastens the entire process aptly.

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I am an overseas education consultant, having ten years of experience in Study Abroad Consultancy. I am interested in writing articles on careers and education abroad for students wishing to study abroad.