One of the biggest industries in the world is the Gaming Industry. In 2017, the mobile gaming market is estimated to have taken $52 billion in revenues, which is bigger than the turnovers of big brands like Nike, Adidas, etc.

Lots of people play games, but No wins a lot.

Introducing PegasusX - Best upcoming ICO in 2018, with Total Supply of 1.5 billion, Now Play & Win on a secured and private platform.

Thrice a day we will start a 60-second countdown at the end of which we will show a number on the screen and allow the players to enter the number and press submit.

The top 100 people who entered the number correctly and most quickly (so speed and accuracy both counted) will get rewards.

The Top 100 people selected will win PRIZES including iPad, iPhone, iWatch, and a fabulous Lamborghini Huracan.

One lucky player will win a FREE TRIP to Paris, France!
Buy these tokens to win a lot with PegasusX
Buy Tokens Now
1 PGSX is equivalent to 0.01 USD. That means playing as a

Pegasus subscriber is very affordable and inexpensive.
999 PGSX - allows you to play Pegasus once every day for a month

1999 PGSX - allows you to play Pegasus twice every day for a month

2999 PGSX - allows you to play Pegasus three times every day for a month

You can also play unlimited a day.
Pegasus X - Best ICO to invest in 2018

1. 400 Mil @ 1 ETH = 50000 PGSX tokens for the Pre ICO (30 days of Pre ICO) - 20% bonus - Hardcap: 1500 ether

2. 600 Mil @ 1 ETH = 25000 PGSX tokens for the ICO - 15%

Bonus during first stage of ICO:

Bonus during Pre-ICO: 20%
Bonus during ICO: 15%
Pre-ICO Hardcap: 1500 ether

WIN OUR SUPER BONUS! Get a full 50% OFF. That's half price on your subscription for the first 100 signups. Also get our special Referral Bonus with 10% off for each friend or associate you refer to join Pegasus. Up to 5 referrals per month.

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