The critical success to Call of Duty Warzone is upgrades and items. It is a game that is well known for its high-octane gunplay, and this is due to the plethora of equipment and time of kill. A variety of attachments, guns, killstreaks, and grenades are available to make the game have infinite replayability. You can boost it more by using Warzone aimbot.

The shift to gunfights that are longer and gameplay that is squad-focused has shifted the meta compared to the core multiplayer component of Modern Warfare, making the item more competitive than ever before.
Check out the best upgrades that happened in the Call of Duty Warzone.

The heartbeat sensor

For any success in the battle royale game, getting a jump on your enemy squads is essential. It can be perfect, especially if you happen to be an engagement that is close-ranged in a street or a building. For such a situation, you will need to have a heartbeat.

It is a scanner that will ensure that your current weapon is lowered, and in its place, you get a scanning pulse after every 5 seconds that it pings next to an enemy. If you happen to be in a small building, and you think that you should scout the area, it is a tool that will ensure that you stay alive.


The UAV happens to be a killstreak that you can purchase or get in caches. Out of the variety of killstreaks, you can purchase, the UAV seems to be the best. It is a drone that will mark all your enemies in a pulse equated to the heartbeat sensor.

It can do this using massive radios around you, providing your team with important information on the enemy's whereabouts. To worsen the enemy's matters, having to stick 3 AUVs will give you an advanced UAV, thereby providing your team with a real-time feed, where the enemy is looking and where they are moving. The UAV that is advanced covers the whole map, and it is hard to be short down. When you combine this with Warzone aimbot, then the game becomes more enjoyable.

Self revive kit

Have you played Apex Legends or other battle royale titles that are similar? If you have, then you are aware of how self revive kits can be powerful. Unlike in the Apex game, the self-reviving kits for Warzone tend to make some noise when used until you get up. It allows you to be able to self revive without the enemy noticing because the noise is on a low.

Its animation is subtle and thus it means, only players who are experienced will know when you are trying to self revive. It is also excellent, especially when you are trying to separate yourself from your squad but at the same time in a safe place. There are various situations where the item will come in handy to save the team’s match. Combined with Warzone aimbot, you are good to enjoy Warzone.

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Combined with Warzone aimbot, you are good to enjoy Warzone.