The demand for high quality videos is ever increasing as video production is becoming an essential aspect of individual or organizational needs. Ranging from skits to music videos, tutorials, corporate, movies or an advertisement or marketing campaign, the post production stage of videos are now a concern for all and sundry, from those who record with the click of a button or those who loose count of buttons. It is very irritating if you doing your video editing work and your system starts hanging because video editing software needs a good amount of Ram to work good. If you want any type of fix in your system you can check out NSS Laptop Service Center. They’re probably the best in town.

For mac, there are several reliable video editing software but let’s look at the Six (6) best video editing software for Mac.

1. Adobe premiere Pro CC:

a. Features: Video organization tools, Integrated (traditional if you wish) non-linear video editor, Audio editing, Color correction tools etc.
b. Pros: more than enough plug-ins, templates and scripts; diverse and numerous formats’ support and output options.
c. Cons: Expensive subscription package.

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Adobe tops the list because, yeah well, apart from its adaptability to all platforms, its uniqueness, simplicity and convenience to use comes in handy. Although expensive, it equips both a novice and professional with powerful tools, reasonable and efficient for all edits. It is one of the best video editing software for Mac.

2. Final cut Pro X:

a. Features: Magnetic timeline, Enhanced timeline index, 64 camera angles, various format support, syncing, Automatic audio, filters, special effects, motion graphics, workflow extensions etc
b. Pros: Free, high quality output, great for storytelling, takes full advantage of Mac hardware
c. Cons: not for novices, limited color correction settings

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Apple’s final cut pro is for professionals. It can create a relationship between basic video editing and media organization. It has an uncommon interface compared to others, but it still allows convenient addition and organization of video clips. Its various automated settings make it easy to navigate and depend on. It also allows for easy video montage, easy clips connection and convenience in timeline due to its magnetic timeline. Even though it is one of the best video editing software for Mac, once you go Final, you never go back as you can’t move windows.

3. HitFilm Express:

a. Features: About 180 special effects (3D included), composite images, layer tools, masks tools, quality playback, pause of quality, video resolution, pause of resolution (all preceding features with low to high ranges), composite images etc.
b. Pros: Simultaneous edition and exporting, Export options (flexible and reasonable), beginner’s choice, high-level video effects compositor
c. Cons: Performance export sometimes low, paid plug-ins, absence of motion graphics feature

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Another video editing software for Mac. This is easier to use and friendly to supposed novices or semiprofessionals. Although it takes familiarity, it sure becomes more relatable once you get the hang of it. It contains professional VFX tools and basically free. Containing about 410+ effects and presets, bloom yourself into a standard video editor.

4. Da Vinci Resolve:

a. Features: Digital audio workstation, image stabilization, color correction, high frame rates, extended filters, different output options (SD, HD and Ultra HD), multi-track timeline,
b. Pros: various audio parameters, package rending, tutorials available online, free version available (paid version available for $300)
c. Cons: complicated for beginners, single screen editing workflow

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This is a great video post-production tool. With multi-track timeline, advanced color grading might not be as difficult anymore. You can also add keyframe to scenes using its dynamic timeline curve function. It also includes a 3D editing particle system. Its multi-track timeline helps to trim video easily and output options are very encouraging. This is another great video editing software for Mac.

5. Apple iMovie:

a. Features: Movie trailer themes, one stop effect, audio editing, video filters (about 10), 4k video,
b. Pros: Free (when you purchase a new Mac), direct output export to apple products or social media, compatible with apple products,
c. Cons: just 2 video and audio tracks

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Apple iMovie comes with every Mac and new for every new Mac, no need to pay extra for newly purchased Mac. If you use an iPhone or iPad, you will surely love this one as it interacts perfectly with apple products. You can also export your videos to social media directly. Of all other video editing software for Mac, this comes free with a new Mac.

6. Blender:

a. Features: functions such as opening UV, interface, animation, training, modeling, game creations (all sorts of functions for movable objects), integrated tools, technological interface, CPU and GPU rendering, sculpting tools and brushes etc.
b. Pros: enough tools for visual effects, lots of add-ons, customizable inputs, fast poly modeling tools
c. Cons: strictly 3D animation /modeling, animation edition issues, complicated layer systems

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Blender is a free 3D graphics application. It can be used for various simulations as well as rigging, skinning, animating, modeling etc. I had to include blender because of its favoritism towards 3D, yes, you can use it to composite and create #d games, apps, animations, films etc. it also has advance features like embedded scripting (python), node-based material and composting system and a collection of various character animation tools. When it comes to 3D, this is one of the best video editing software for Mac.

However, other honorable mentions include:

1. Filmora
2. Lightworks
3. Adobe premiere elements
4. Avidemux
5. Movavi
6. Kdenlive

The chosen six (6) were highlighted due to relatability and particular capabilities. All other mentions are viable software and can be consulted.

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