Hate wasting your precious time answering customer calls when you're trying to meet a deadline? No matter the size of your business, time is always wasted on incoming calls. Whether you have a personal receptionist or take calls yourself, there is a new time and cost-effective solution. The solution is to use a Professional virtual receptionist.

Think about how much time you would waste hiring a receptionist; First, you need to advertise a job opening, interview candidates, choose the `` right '' employee for your business, pay your salary, cover the phones while your receptionist is dining, on vacation, or sick, and lastly, maybe even provide bonuses. It all sounds exhausting, but there is an alternative! Choose to use a virtual receptionist; They have been trained to a high standard to understand customer service and deal with them professionally and exceptionally. Your assigned virtual receptionist will answer all your incoming calls and take messages, leaving you free to do what you do best.

Virtual receptionists work hard to make each call unique to you and your business. It usually works by providing you with a personal phone number to which you can forward your calls. When a customer later calls, the call will go directly to your dedicated receptionist, who will respond with the greeting discussed above, this may be introducing yourself and your company name, or perhaps just good morning and your company name. The receptionist will then record all the call details and send them in an SMS text message directly to your personal mobile phone and an email, this is to ensure that your clients can be served quickly and competently. At the end of each day, a summary of the calls taken that day will be sent to your company, this way you can keep track of the call flow, customer details, and requests they may have had. This procedure saves you and your company a lot of time and stress.

If at any time you are in the office and want to take your calls yourself, there is a simple number to dial that will redirect all calls to yourself.

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