It seems as if we’re living out the pages of a science fiction novel, one that is warning us of our helplessness against the relentless nature of the disease. It feels like it’s out of our hands. As if there’s no hope for a tomorrow where normalcy will return. And while we do our part by staying home and washing our hands, there’s a group of people who are doing their part and putting their neck out for the good of the world: healthcare professionals.

While doctors, nurses, and all healthcare officials are working tirelessly to fight against the increasing epidemic, it’s easy to forget that these heroic people are just that: people. All people strive for efficiency and comfort in their jobs. And with the growing stress of a pandemic on their shoulders, the healthcare world is no different in this respect. While these guys work overtime, it can be easy to forget that health and sanitation are a full-body responsibility, and bacteria and viruses can harbor anywhere, even your shoes.

So, it’s important that healthcare professionals find a balance between efficiency and comfort. And since good shoes need to be comfortable, affordable, and washable, it can be difficult to find the perfect shoe for all your healthcare needs. To make it easier, here’s a list of the best washable shoes for healthcare and nursing at Shoe Sensation.

1.Easy Works Leeza/Tiffany Women’s Slip Resistant Shoe - $49.99

Easy Works shoes are a great choice for washable and effective footwear. They’re “slip-resistant, antimicrobial, lightweight, and odor-resistant”, the perfect combination for someone who needs sanitary shoes for frequent use. They have a wide toe box for increased space and comfort (something we NEED at the end of a long day) and side goring for a tight fit. If you want to ensure both comfort and safety, these shoes are a great choice. And with their cute coffee black, floral or Tiffany design, you can look good too!

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2.Fila Workshift Women’s Slip Resistant Shoe - $44.99

These shoes are another great example of the balance between comfort and safety. They have a strong rubber outer sole to prevent slips and ensure safety, as well as a memory foam insole to keep your feet comfortable. They’re comfortable, simple, and effective - all for a good price! Also available in wide for larger feet, as well as grey, black, and white. They also make a similar model for men!

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3.Skechers D'lites Marbleton Women’s Slip Resistant Shoe - $69.99-79.99

The D’lites are just one of the many Skechers style shoes we’ll look at in this article, but these ones are for sure the most tricked out. They have Air Cooled Memory Foam to keep feet comfortable and are wide enough to get toes room. Plus, for medical professionals, they have some amazing features to ensure safety in the workplace, such as rubber traction outsoles and are approved Electrical Hazard proof. You may pay a higher price, but these shoes will give you the most features to ensure your safety and comfort day in and day out.

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4.Skechers Dighton Men’s Slip-Resistant Boot - $49.99

For the men reading this post, we didn’t forget about you! Skechers has a long line of affordable and high-quality men's work shoes. The Dighton is just one but gets you the most bang for your buck. The “Work Relaxed Fit” has a smooth upper portion that offers enhanced comfort. And the slip-resistant sole makes sure you stay on your feet whenever you need to. These bad boys are premium shoes, at a not so premium price.

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5.Skechers Flex Advantage McAllen Men’s Slip-Resistant Boot - $69.99

For men, there are no better washable shoes than McAllen’s. These shoes have water-resistant mesh, a rubber outside sole for traction and also have Electrical Hazard protection. Plus, the relaxed fit design and elasticized gore gives room and space for your feet, something that you’ll need after a long day on the job. Although they’re a bit more expensive, these shoes are the most advanced shoes on the market.

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