Over the years, people have been developing excess fat on their belly due to their uncontrollable eating behavior and sedentary way of life, but most of them don’t want to drop those bad habits; instead, they keep searching for the best way to burn belly fat quickly. Of course, many entrepreneurs recognize this need as business opportunity and they immediately flood every media available with infomercials, advertisements, and promotions about their “magnificent” products.

OK, we know that those “spectacular” items are just a bunch of empty claims which will only fill the creator’s wallet with money while your belly fat still hanging nicely down there. So, what is the ultimate way to lose belly fat? If you expect “quick fix” from easy methods such as fancy gadget or supplements, just close the page now; otherwise, if you’re willing to spare some time and energy into it, check out the following hard facts:

1. You may have heard these: sit ups for flat belly, push ups for slender arm, bench press to remove man breasts, and so on. Focusing your effort to train specific area on your body will only train the muscle, but it won’t burn the fat.

2. “Keeping your heart rate in target zone” is just an excuse to use fitness machines and you don’t really need them or gym membership to burn fat. Treadmill machine, elliptical machine, and stationary bike are generally used for slow-steady pace cardio exercise. Slow steady pace cardio refer to any exercises that you can do while doing something else; in other words, it doesn’t require your best effort and concentration. This type of workouts do not promote better metabolic response or raise fat burning hormone levels, thus they have very little effect in your fat loss effort.

3. Your aim is to reduce your body fat percentage to a certain number where your excess body fat is no longer there. This is applied for stomach fat, man breasts, love handles, and every other unwanted fat on your body; you cannot get rid of them one by one, but all of them simultaneously. It’ll take time and there is no instant solution, but the result is worth your hard work.

The best way to lessen your body fat is variable intensity training and strength training. Doing these exercises will train your entire body and you need to give your best effort to do it right, it may be very tiring, but this is the best way to attain better metabolic response and fat burning hormone levels. Remember that these workouts demand your 100 % effort and concentration, so spare some time to do it and refrain from working out while doing something else.

Variable intensity training and strength training are the ultimate way to burn belly fat and other excess fat on your body. Use them properly by following well designed program that can teach you the right way to do it and how you can use your exercise time efficiently.

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