Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habit are the main reasons of excess belly fat, but unfortunately most people just can’t get rid of these habits, thus they always looking for best way to burn belly fat fast. Of course, many entrepreneurs recognize this need as business opportunity and they immediately flood every media available with infomercials, advertisements, and promotions about their “magnificent” products.

OK, we know that those “magnificent” products are just a bunch of empty promises that will only fill the creator’s pocket with cash while your belly fat still hanging nicely down there. So, what is the best way to burn belly fat? If you’re thinking about instant results from tricky methods, gadgets, or pills, then you’re at the wrong site; but if you’re ready to put real efforts into it, here are a couple of facts that you should know first:

1. You may have heard these: sit ups for flat stomach, push ups for lean arm, bench press to remove man boobs, and so on. Focusing your effort to train specific area on your body will only train the muscle, but it won’t burn the fat.

2. “Keeping your heart rate in target zone” is just an excuse to use fitness machines and you don’t really need them or gym membership to burn fat. Treadmill, elliptical machine, and stationary bicycle are usually used for slow steady pace cardio. If your exercises don’t need your full concentration and efforts, you’re doing slow steady pace cardio. These kinds of exercises don’t stimulate better metabolic response or increase fat burning hormone levels, thus they have very little effect in your fat burning effort.

3. Your aim is to reduce your body fat percentage to a certain number where your excess body fat is no longer there. This is applied for belly fat, man boobs, love handles, and every other excess fat on your body; you can’t remove them one by one, but all of them simultaneously. It’ll take time and there is no instant solution, but the result is worth your hard work.

The best way to reduce your body fat is variable intensity training and strength training. These exercises involved your whole body and not the kind of exercises that you can do half heartedly, but they are the best way to stimulate better metabolic response and increase fat burning hormone levels. Remember that these exercises require your full effort and concentration, so spare some time to do it and refrain from exercising while doing something else.

Variable intensity training and strength training are the best way to burn belly fat and other excess fat on your body. Use them properly by following well designed program that can teach you the right way to do it and how you can use your exercise time efficiently.

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