Erectile dysfunction is one among the common reproductive problems in men characterized by inability to produce or maintain an erection. Both physical and psychological factors play equally important roles in causing low libido and erectile dysfunction problems. High stress condition, depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders due to prolonged use of drugs are some among the main psychological factors producing this reproductive disorder in men. Versatile physical factors leading way to low libido condition in men include excessive smoking, over intake of alcohol, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseases and nervous disorders. There are several cures for treating this reproductive disorder in men. Treatments are usually done only after analyzing the right cause of problem. Now, let's see some of the best ways to cure erectile dysfunction and low libido in men.

Drinking almond milk is one among the best cures suggested for preventing erectile dysfunction and low libido in men. This home remedy is found to be very efficient and effective in treating reproductive disorders. It is a perfect solution suggested for those people suffering from lactose intolerance. Reducing body weight, improving cardiovascular functions and reducing the risk of heart diseases are some main benefits of using almond milk.

Today, almond milk is commonly available in market in versatile flavours like chocolate and vanilla. Having a mixture of figs with honey is another common remedy suggested for reproductive troubles. This helps in increasing desire in men and stimulating necessary hormone production. Figs in combination with honey improve sexual health, prevent constipation, promote metabolic activities and maintain normal blood sugar level. Figs, enriched with essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 boosts the formation of cellular energy and promotes the over all well being of person.

Intake of mucuna pruriens is a best way to cure erectile dysfunction and low libido in men. It has been traditionally used for the preparation of many ayurvedic medicines. Mucuna pruriens, well known for aphrodisiac property is a perfect solution for most of the reproductive problems. Promoting sleep, increasing energy levels, enhancing mood, strengthening immune system and reducing excess fat are other highlighting benefits of using mucuna pruriens.

Practicing exercises like yoga and aerobic exercises is a natural remedy for reproductive problems. It promotes over all well being of person and helps in relaxing both body and mind. Reducing stress conditions, promoting metabolic activities, enhancing blood circulation and preventing infectious diseases are some among the benefits of doing regular exercises. Intake of horny goat weed, a well known aphrodisiac is another best cure for erectile dysfunction and low libido in men. Therapeutic properties equipped in horny goat weed stimulate the action of neurotransmitters in brain and improve desire in men. Promoting easier blood circulation throughout body, preventing memory loss, reducing high blood pressure and preventing fatigue problems are other advantages of using horny goat weed. Tribulus, damiana, tongkat ali, maca, gingko biloba, gentian, ashwagandha, saw palmetto and Korean ginseng are other best cures recommended for erectile dysfunction and low libido in men.

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