There are many options available in the market for Currency Exchange in India such as Money Changers, Foreign Currency Exchange, Banks and Airports. Many vendors are dealing with currency exchange and the rate depend upon the availability of currency. The rates offered by banks are likely to be higher than other vendors and nobody wants to stand in a long queue for exchanging the currency at the last moment of travel and there will be fixed service charges. One can exchange the currency in the airport but the rates at the airport are favour to the airlines and not to the customer the margin is higher than other vendors. Foreign Currency Exchange is one of the best options to exchange the domestic currency they provide the best exchange rate for Foreign Currency unlike airports and banks, it is always better to deal with a foreign currency exchange which is authorized by RBI like Orient Exchange, it is one of the top-rated foreign exchange and has more than 20 branches serving across India they also deal with Send Money Abroad, Forex Cards and Travel Insurance. Instead of visiting the branch you can book the currency through online and get it delivered to your doorstep from the online service. Before buying Foreign Currency make sure you have all the required documents and get the destination currency respective to the country you’re travelling.

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Orient Exchange is a top-rated Foreign Exchange dealing with Currency Exchange, Forex Cards, Outward Remittances and travel insurance. For more information, kindly visit our website