Many men like to wear ties and can usually have a large collection of them in their wardrobe. Ties are a great accessory for adding shade and shine to dull or boring clothes. A great tie can make a fashion statement and express your mood for the day. Looking your best is always important and a good tie can contribute to the overall impression that it makes.

Ties can last a long time if they are cared for. Silk ties are quite expensive, but they add a certain quality look to any outfit. To save money and keep your favorite ties for as long as possible, you need to take proper care of them. Even wrinkle-free, polyester ties need care.

Do you usually acquire new ties to change the old ones since the old ones are ruined in some way? Need to bother washing your ties? Do you often buy ties without wrinkles/creases to easily maintain the appearance and condition of your tie? If that's the case, here are some helpful ideas that might make your tie care easier.

Do not bend

Good quality ties, such as silk ties, should be kept wrinkle-free. It is essential that ties are hung from good quality and effective tie hook or rolled up and stored in a drawer or storage box. For business travelers, the easiest way to pack your ties so they don't wrinkle is to roll them up and tuck them inside your shoes or even a sock. Tie cases are available and to hang in your hotel room, the Necktie Hanger Cross is a compact little coat rack that takes up little space but will provide you with a suitable hanger during your stay.

For proper home storage, there are two styles of tie hooks. Those that hang from the closet rod or those that are mounted on the wall or closet. The choice will depend on the preferences of the person and their life situation. Many prefer to install a tie on the wall or closet door. Some prefer a rack for hanging. There are many options for both. However, at the end of the day, if you want to keep your 홈타이 (home tie) looking good, you need to store it properly. Our tie racks, both for hanging and wall mounting, are available on.

Cleaning your tie

Unfortunately, accidents do happen with ties. If this happens, try to remove the mark from your tie as quickly as possible. Clean the mark with a damp cloth, stain remover, or even vodka; she does not see her. If you can't get rid of the mark this way, you may need to take your tie to the dry cleaner. Do not apply other chemicals yourself, as it can permanently damage your tie.

Remove wrinkles from your tie

If you inadvertently have creases in your tie, don't iron it. The most effective way to remove wrinkles is to use a steam iron or clothes iron. Turn on the steam iron and hold the iron just above the tie, so that the steam enters the fabric, same with a clothes iron. If you have to iron your tie, make sure you have a handkerchief or some other cloth between the iron and the material.

If you are away from home and need an alternative method, hang your tie in the bathroom while you shower or bathe in hot water to allow the steam to penetrate the fabric. Take care of your ties and they will give you years of service and pleasure.

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