Writing a book used to be thought of as a great but often idealistic way of expressing a persons creativity. The rise of the internet has actually given people an opportunity to do this , but like everything to do with the internet it is often easier than it sounds. The term ebook has come to mean many different things, and with the rise of devices like Kindle, it will probably get more complicated.An ebook is essentially a document written either as a word doc or as a pdf , that is then sold or given away as an ebook, normally as a pdf or pdf type file. Anyone can write one and anyone can give one away or sell one. That's the good news.The difficult part as ever is actually reaching your market.
There are several ways of doing this , and they often depend on what the purpose of the ebook is in the first place. An ebook can be designed to try and make money for the writer, or it can be used as a lead in to a website or similar brand type promotion.This is fine so long as its not seen as too tacky, which unfortunately a lot of ebook's are nowadays. Assuming you want to make money from an ebook, just trying to sell it as you would a normal book is a long haul. Some people use affiliate sites like commission junction, but its not clear how effective they are. By far the best way is to build up a loyal base of customers/readers in the first place, either by way of a website or a newsletter , and then once you have a degree of reader loyalty, they will be more open to the possibility of buying an ebook from you – make sure it adds value to their lives, otherwise you lose them both from future books and your website
The other thing to realize about writing an ebook is that a lot of people are doing it nowadays, and a lot of people are quite wary of either buying an ebook online or even signing up for a free one, partly because they fear they are going to spammed and partly just a general fear about privacy. Selling anything or giving anything away online depends to a large extent on trust, and the more you generate a sense of trust with the people you are approaching, the better you will do.

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