Here is a quick guide to the different modes of transportation for a leisurely stroll across North Carolina.


There are many car rental agencies throughout the country and in Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The car is a great way to get around North Carolina at your own pace and in peace. In addition, gas is not expensive in the United States.

Note, however, that it may be almost impossible to find a parking space in major cities. So remember to park on the outskirts.

Know that North Carolina has many highways, which is convenient enough for travel by car.

It is important to get the best prices to compare well the offers of car rental agencies on the Internet.

If you want to wander around the North American continent, note that you can leave the car in another rental agency than the one where you took it.

For you, avoid beautiful squares; do not hesitate to look at the rules of conduct in the United States that may differ from France.

Note also that you should not drive without insurance because it is mandatory and you may have big problems if you do not respect this rule in North Carolina.

Here are some speed limits in North Carolina:

  • Highways: 113km / h
  • Roads: 70km / h
  • Agglomerations: 60 / h
  • Highly urbanized area: 25km / h


Trips can be quite long between major cities in North Carolina. As a result, the Amtrak network offers daily trips.
Ago for example, Raleigh-Charlotte lasts about 3 hours. The latter will cost you 26 € for an economic place. You can buy it directly on their website.

Buses serve only the western part of North Carolina such as Wilson, Goldsboro, Kinston, Jacksonville, Wilmington or New Bern.


Amtrak also manages rail travel in North Carolina. The trains are comfortable with reclining seats, toilets on board and the WIFI self-service. You can also download the application on your smartphone, which will allow you to book your train ticket in real time.

The company offers routes to the west of North Carolina in a few major cities such as Durham, Raleigh, Wilson or Rocky Mount. More information here.

It is quite possible to cycle across North Carolina. It is a convenient mode of transport, very inexpensive and responsible for the environment. There are many bike tours in this state. You can also choose to make bike tours whose price starts at 42 €.

You can choose between renting a bike or take your own bike by plane for a minimum cost of 100 €. But remember to make your request in advance, otherwise you will be refused on arrival at the airport.

Camping car

Although it is not the cheapest mode of transportation in North Carolina, it is also convenient. Remember to rent the camper that is quite expensive, insurance, the deposit and the mileage is not always unlimited.

Car rental

It is possible to rent a car safely in North Carolina if you are 25 years old or older. If this is not the case, there will be an additional charge.

In the United States, you can travel with your French license if you stay there temporarily. Otherwise, the international license is obligatory if you stay one year in the country. If you stay longer then you will need to get an American driver's license. North Carolina is part of the few states that agree to exchange the French driver's license for a US license.

Booking your car in advance is important because the demand is high and the more you book in advance the more likely you are to get the best rates.

North Carolina car parks

Parking in the center of big cities may be a real hassle. Therefore, privilege the private car parks, which are in number. Nevertheless, during periods when the tourist concentration is high, it will be wiser that you park on the outskirts of the big cities to take public transport afterwards.

But especially read the signs because places may be available only on weekends or during the week, at specific time slots etc. If you do not comply with these rules, you may have to pick up your car at the pound.

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