Commensurate to the geometrical growth of world population there has been a simultaneous growth in the numerical strength of tourists and travelers across the globe. While it offers substantially profitable business avenues for tourism and travel organizers, effective travel brochure writing could be a very good tool for creating communication and making publicity for the enterprise and its services.

Important Features of Travel Brochure Writing and Display

Some of the important features of travel brochure writing are as follows.

Writing brochure for travel and tourism is no different in general terms from the traditional brochures;
However, travel brochures contain higher visuals because these visuals are essential to give the viewer and reader the right feel and create the right impact;
Such visuals give the readers a glimpse of the places they would visit and what is there in store for them; and
Travel brochures serve many other useful purposes as well.

Travel Brochures Work as the Vacation Guide and Location Indicator

Other important aspects of travel brochure writing are that –

They should be written in a way that they become the travel guide for the prospective clients;
They should also work as the location indicator and should be full of maps and images of tourist spots;
Besides images, there should be clear and concise brief information on each place of interest for the visitors;
Information should include the flora and fauna available besides the climate, culture, and
Information should contain must visit places and landmarks in the area.

Features of the Ideal Travel Brochure – All-in-One Attribute

Usually quality travel brochure would be that it will work as an all-in-one guide for the traveler and those writing brochure should keep this aspect in view. Information should include;

Climate and environment including best season for visit;
What is available during the particular season;
Information on flora, fauna, culture, history, and geography;
Must visit places and communication facilities available; and
Information on transport and accommodation like flights, railways , steamers, road communication, availability of phone, FAX, Internet, and hotel and resort facilities etc.

Writing Styles in Respect of Travel Brochure is Different from Traditional Brochure

Travel brochure writing would be far too different from other traditional brochures. Major points of difference are –

Persuasive writing style;
Effective travel brochure will compel the visitor to visit the places mentioned in the brochure;
Information should not be inflated or concocted and should be authentic and correct; and
Contents in the brochure should help the readers make informed decision.

A word of caution for the agency and the employer engaging them in travel brochure writing is that the images and texts displayed in them should not create any misleading impression. Travelers should not feel let down when they actually visit the recommended locations and take a bad impression about the organizing agency.

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