Since Instagram started showing posts on users' feeds as per the algorithm, many marketers and creators have reported a decline in their organic reach and engagement. But it does not mean you also have to face the same situation, in fact, it could be possible for you to reach the right audience by leveraging the advanced algorithm.

The more you manifest your efforts into attaining followers on social media websites in today’s world, the more you develop yourselves as an influencing personality.

Influencers work hard to attract as many sponsors, brands, partnerships as possible to become successful. If you don’t put much efforts to reach your target group, you won’t be able to gain the desired number of followers -as the public, the sponsors, and the partnership brands always give the first sight to your number of followers before collaborating with you.

Here we have come up with some best ways that might help you to get acquainted with the public on Instagram-

1- Post Timely:

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can view the statistics of the timings on which days people are most active. Once you know the right time and day, your target group appears on Instagram, start posting content on those specific days.

This is the full proved plan that can directly increase your audience. For this, you have to go to your profile, tap the hamburger icon represented by the three horizontal lines at the top right of your page and open the Insights option to view the stats.

In case you don’t have a business account and you still wish to know more about your followers, use the features provided by the app to interact with your followers, such as using the poll feature in the stories, or the question/answer rounds. The privileges provided by these apps should be optimized at their best.

2- Utilize The Benefits Of Socializing:

Instagram is full of diversifying ways of sharing your thoughts. You should take advantage of these opportunities and best utilize them. Use the power of IGTV, live-videos, or stories.

These features help you to promote your content and interact with your followers. Remember to take the feedback of your followers and never be backed down by the critiques. Always curtail to your followers’ opinions.

3- Use The Power Of Writing:

An Instagram caption can consist of 2200 characters. Do you think you can express your thoughts, your stories, or any other content within this limit? It is said that people prefer reading stories or poems in captions, and those which are long enough, they attract even a wider audience. Always remember this point while posting your content.

If you are confused to start your write up, go through the influencers' profile and check the tricks of writing. This will make your habit to write content.

4- Ameliorate Your Hashtags:

Never forget the hashtags-always remember the more hashtags you have, the more your followers will increase. People tend to follow certain hashtags, and it is crucial to use the right hashtags at the right time to appear in people's explore page more often. Remember that your hashtags should not be irrelevant or redundant. Use the ones that are relatable with your written content, or your posts and videos.

5- Videos > Photos:

Reports claim that the posts with videos get more like, comment and are shared among people as oppose to the ones that have pictures. Try to make videos in terms of your post so that the audience gives it their undivided attention. It keeps the audience more engrossed by maintaining their interest.

Clearly, the posts of Beyonce have more likes and comments on the videos as compared to the ones which have photos.

To make your Instagram account stand out among your competitors, it is important to do some extra efforts. Hence, if you put into consideration these factors, your Instagram will be known to a larger number of people - this will increase your popularity, thereby making you known among a larger mass of the public.

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