Online games are rendered as the best source of entertainment and mind diversion these days. In the age where everything has been digitalized, even our traditional card games like rummy, poker, war, etc. can be played across all digital platforms. Although, these no longer remain as only a source of entertainment. When played right, online card games, especially rummy can be a great help in giving a boost to your mental well-being. Not only is online rummy a good source of entertainment, but is a good stress-buster too. Anytime you feel overburdened by work, you just need to take out 5 minutes for a quick game of online rummy to shift your focus and de-stress yourself. A de-stressed brain is much more productive with a sharpened and refined thought process. Here are 5 ways in which a simple game of online rummy can help sharpen your thought process:

Improves Concentration and Memory

Rummy is a game that demands complete attention and total concentration by the player. While playing the game, you need to be focussed enough to note and understand your opponent’s moves, be aware of the discarded cards, and strategically calculate your moves. If you cannot concentrate enough, then there are high chances of you losing the game. Rummy also helps improve your short-term memory, as you must observe and memorise your opponent’s moves. If you are a fervent rummy player, you must have noted how your concentration has improved over time and you are now able to complete tasks more accurately. Increased concentration ultimately leads to an improved presence of mind, which is a must these days to achieve unparalleled success in life.

Enhances your competitive Spirit

Playing online rummy is the best remedy to boost one’s competitive spirit. The many rewards and bonuses instigate a sense of competitiveness amongst players while they aim to reach the top of various Leaderboards and Tournaments held by online rummy sites. In addition to this, players have the choice to practice and improve their skills with free games, understand best strategies through video tutorials, and play against opponents ranging from novices to experts. A competitive attitude urges you to explore much deeper than what is visible to the eye, and helps you do better in your journey to achieve goals.

Boosts Strategic Thinking

It is a well-known fact that rummy is a game of skill and strategy. Gone are those days when people believed luck plays a role in achieving success, especially in online rummy. Nowadays, you need a true passion with a fiery spirit to play and win any game, even if it’s the game of life. And to do that, you need to think strategically by measuring the pros and cons of every decision you make. Even in your day-to-day life, you are often faced with situations where only your strategic thinking comes handy and saves the day. In rummy too, you need to critically analyse each and every move, and then only plan and re-plan each of your moves to increase the chances of winning the game. And if you do this repeatedly, not only will you master the game, but also be able to make quick and correct decisions in other aspects of your life.

Improves Your Intellectual & Cognitive Skills

Rummy is a game closely associated with mathematics. Basic mathematical calculations, probability, permutations and combinations are different mathematical approaches that have proven to be quite useful in the game. And you might already be aware that practicing mathematics outside your school/college work helps exercise your brain cells in a productive manner. This, in turn helps in boosting your cognitive ability, resulting in enhanced learning, better thinking, improved reading and alertness. Playing rummy online also helps improve hand-eye coordination, resulting in enhancing your brain’s connection to your body.

Fast Reaction Time

Only rummy poses a different kind of challenge when each of your moves is limited to 30 seconds. In any competition, when the time factor is introduced, it makes the game even more intriguing. And when you are really interested in something, your brain automatically releases hormones that drive you towards achieving your goal. So, the restricted time factor in the game not only triggers your brain to make faster decisions while playing, but after sometime, it becomes your normal routine too. Over a long period of time, you’ll realize that faster reaction to situations often helps you get out of tough situations faster than a normal person. A faster reaction time means that your brain grasps ideas faster, thus allowing it time to process more thoughts in a given time than an average person, aiding them in critically analysing things from a completely different perspective.

To Conclude

Rummy is a game that demand skill to win, and the right skills can only be developed with enough practice, and focus. So, by playing rummy, you are not only developing your gaming skills, but, unconsciously, you are also improving your thought process and your mental habits. For those who tend to procrastinate a lot, rummy is a good game to break this habit.

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Mitesh Raheja