There is an app available for everything nowadays. So many apps are being created every day that it is difficult to find a niche where you can launch a new app that can guarantee success. If you don’t act fast and speed up your mobile app development process, a competitor can take over the market before you. With the help of mobile application development companies in Dubai, you can get ahead of your competitors and become successful in your niche.
It is expected for businesses to have an app now to provide a more comprehensive service. App building can be a complicated and time-consuming process and given below are a few of the best ways to speed up your mobile app development process in the UAE:
Proper research and before starting development
Research should always be the first step before you start any new project. It is important to have a clear idea of what your target customers require and plan your app in detail so that you don’t have any confusion once the app development process starts. Taking surveys and asking potential customers for opinions is a good way to have more information. Customers feel important and more included when you ask them for opinions and will look forward to what you’re going to launch.
Use of wireframes
Once you’ve done your research, prepare a clear plan or wireframe before you approach your partner mobile app services in Dubai. Only you know what you’re expecting from your app. You have to give your developers your complete plan so that they can finish their job without any delay or obstacles.
Creating low-fidelity wireframes would be better than high-fidelity ones as they give a clear picture to the developers but is not too rigid that they can’t bring any changes to it. Everyone involved in the app development process should have a clear image in their mind so that the process can go smoothly.
The wireframe will have the basic app layout structure and the functional aspects of your app. This is the foundation on which the app can be built. If the foundation is strong, the rest of the development process can go very smoothly.
Make use of MVP
Making use of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) may be the best way to ensure that the app you launch in the end will satisfy the customers. An MVP is a very basic version of your app that contains all the core functionalities. You can first release an MVP and then add all additional functions to it in the form of updates. This can reduce the time for app development and your app will be out in the world before your competitors launch theirs. The mobile app development company in Dubai you hired can develop the MVP for launch and keep adding new features later when required.
A minimum viable product isn’t there to just get something into the world. The quality should be good and must be similar to the app you have in mind for customers to engage with it. This is a great way to get customer feedback on your product and make changes according to their preferences.
Use hybrid apps
Hybrid apps are also called cross-platform apps and as the name suggests, these are apps that can be used across platforms using the same code. You will only have to write the codes for this app once and it will work on multiple mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. Developing hybrid apps is one great way to save time in the development process. By building a hybrid app, you can cut down on the time spent developing apps for different mobile operating systems. There are several companies for mobile app development in Dubai that specialise in building hybrid apps that you can approach to build yours.
This way you can be the first one to release a new app to your niche ahead of competitors. This type of apps has its own setbacks. If you think it will affect your business you can start developing a native app after you’ve released your hybrid app so you don’t have to worry about competitors taking over the market before you.
Automated testing
Doing manual tests of your app can take hours. Now you can opt for automated tests which only takes a quarter of the time it took for manual testing. Multiple tests can be done simultaneously with reliable results instead of doing each test individually. Once you get the results you can immediately begin the repair and debugging process. This is a sure way to speed up your mobile app development process and the costs are also reduced.
Hiring professionals
Having an in-house department to build your app can be good but it might be a slow and expensive process and it might take your focus away from your actual business. Having an app is just a part of your business. Don’t let it overshadow your other tasks.
Sometimes outsourcing is the way to go as the development will be handled by professionals who have experience in developing apps quickly and efficiently. It might be more economical because you only have to pay for the product, not the equipment and the employees. The professionals will have specialised knowledge on how to handle every problem and obstacle they may face during the development process and will be equipped to overcome them. You will get a better app in a faster time by hiring a professional.
The time within which you release an app can affect its success rate. It might be because of demand during that time or because it is something completely new that customers haven’t seen before. Whatever it may be, you have to speed up your mobile app development process to be the first to enter a new market and get ahead of the competition.
An experienced company for mobile app development can accelerate the development time and give you the best functioning mobile app. It is a very competitive world out there and sometimes how quick you work will decide how successful you will be.

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If you’re an entrepreneur that is looking to maximize their business, then you must consider a #mobileapp. However, mobile apps take time to make, and sometimes that time frame in which the app is actually developed can make a whole lot of difference.

In this article, we will explore a few ways in which you can speed up the #mobileappdevelopment process and have your app developed in a reduced time frame.