If you are felling problem for planning your wedding and you are thinking for making best wedding day then you should have to check on list so that you will be get benefit for making special day of your life. For making successful planning you have to pay some attention before wedding day. So according to my ideas I suggest to you some tips which will be helpful for you.


At first you should have to decide your budget and within your budget plan everything so that you will feel comfortable.

Hire a wedding planner

If you are feeling not comfortable for Wedding planers to your wedding then hire a wedding planner according to your budget. In India there are many wedding planner who can well planning because they are specialist in wedding planning and they have more contact. You should have to first prefer for hiring a local wedding planner if you are unable to get local wedding planner then go head and search on Google and see lots of website who offers wedding planning.


At first thing what should have to be in wedding then write down in proper way like getting ideas for colors schemes or themes? You need to have a few flexible and possible dates. Soon, you need to choose the date for your wedding.

Think about Preferred venue and food

You should have to think and decide the perfect venue for you wedding ceremony and the reception. It should have to according to invited guest. That is why it is necessary to make a head count of your visitors. If you have only few visitors, find a smaller place. If you have quite larger number of visitors, find a bigger venue. Book the venue if you have already decided.

If you are wedding planning in town then we will suggest to you ask to you friend and relatives that what should be prefer venue for guest. It will be very helpful for deciding best venue for visitors.

Consider about the wedding dresses

It is also very important for you because in wedding day everyone want to be in well dresses so you should have to choose best dresses. If you are unable to get best dresses then meet to any experience wedding designer and we make sure they will provide best wedding dresses for your wedding within your budget.

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