The wok is quite popular for being considered proof of everything, with this deep pan you can grill, fry, sauté, smoke, make stews, and whatever you can think of. Almost all recipes are adaptable to make in the wok pan and also preserve the minerals and vitamins of the food.

At, we will show you everything you need to know about wok pans, their main characteristics, the good and the bad, the best wok pan models according to our users and of course you will also find the main factors so that you can compare the different works on the market.

The wok is a type of pan that is characterized by its shape that is domed at the bottom and more open at the top. This causes a higher temperature to be generated at the bottom and a lower temperature at the top.

There are different types of wok pan and they are often confused with the frying pan. Its design and mode of use will help you differentiate them.

Woks are quite common today and come at various prices. You can find them practically anywhere and at all prices. Aspects such as its size, model, and compatibility with your kitchen, will help you choose the best one.

What is the wok pan and what advantages does it have?

A wok is of oriental origin, it is known to be one of the most versatile pans that exist. It is characterized by being round and deeper. It is ideal for sautéing food, although it can also be steamed, or fried. Below you can identify the advantages and disadvantages of the wok pan:


Food does not stick
Fat-free cooking
Save time and energy
They are easy to get


It takes time to learn how to use it
Requires wrist technique and strength to move and mix food

It should be used with a high flame and little oil since its shape causes the heat to last longer and with only a little oil it can be used for a large amount of food. For this reason, the wok pan is considered one of the most favorable utensils for healthy food.

The idea is to use it without any additional utensils. It is holding the pan firmly and moving so that the ingredients are mixed in the center of the pan, which is where the highest temperature is. If any are stuck to the tops, they will not burn as the temperature is considerably lower.

Finally, it is important that you cure your wok pan before using it. This is done by putting in a good amount of oil and leaving it over high heat so that it burns. This will cause the oil to adhere to the inside of the Teflon and serves to prevent food from sticking and to make your pan last longer.

It is very easy to get confused between a wok pan and a frying pan, due to their shape and the function that both fulfill. With a common frying pan, if similar results can be reached only if you have good cooking skills, know your implements, etc.

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