When buying one of the best wooden baby toys, there are many aspects that we must take into account if we do not want the experience to be counterproductive. Wooden toys are perfect to develop the different skills of the little ones. However, it is important to be very careful and know how to choose well since not all toys are suitable for children of any age.

The entire team at FairyKitten.com is very concerned about the safety of infants and that is why we have compiled a selection of the most fun and reliable toys.

Today, many families choose to exclusively buy wooden toys for their children. The main reason, although not the only one, is as opposed to the use of plastic, a material so reviled in all areas of our lives.

Those who enjoy the outdoors know that some of the activities that take place in nature usually revolve around the senses.

Both guides, teachers, or parents (among others) invite children on field trips to touch the trees to simulate touch. For the youngest (also the oldest) this simple gesture is so pleasant because contact with the natural differs from contact with the artificial.

For this reason, the wooden toy, especially the one that is not lacquered, brings warmth to the playroom and invites you to manipulate it.

Also, there are other reasons, apart from the environmental ones, for choosing to buy wooden toys:

1. Wood is usually more durable than other materials. The toy will have a long journey and can be passed from brother to brother.
2. They resist better the blows and the inclemencies like the rain or the cold.
3. They develop imagination by not being carved in such detail. Some do not even include lights or sounds that distract children's attention.
4. They are great to start developing motor skills. Their weight and ergonomics make them manageable for younger boys and girls.

In Fairy Kitten, you will find the best products on the market that your children will love, but not before making some warnings for responsible use: check the recommended age and that they do not contain toxic paints.

Experts recommend that being a compact material, the best option is to add a puzzle mat to the shopping cart to protect the floor of the room. You will find them at an affordable price, just like wooden toys.

Remember that although they are more expensive compared to other plastic toys, they pay for themselves because they are inter-national games.

Wooden games are not just beautiful, they are much more. They are respectful of the environment, and are also a great stimulation for children's senses: the touch and smell of wood are incomparable to that of any other material used to make toys.

We take a tour of the online stores where you can find the most stimulating and beautiful wooden toys for your children. Perfect for playing at home, they are forever toys and are meant to last a lifetime. This guide to reference stores where you can find a good educational toy that provides value and quality. Wooden toys are toys to build the future.

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Wooden toys are a classic way for babies to play while staying eco-friendly. Here are the best of 2020.