For this week's best of the INTENTernet, we have gathered the best content around the web on honoring our fathers--this Sunday and all year-round. Not only do we have great gift and un-boring gift ideas for your old man, we have also collected informative articles, quotations and a classic podcast episode from Chicago Public Radio's This American Life that just might quite literally make you laugh and cry. Happy Father's Day, everyone!

Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate Father's Day from Beliefnet. Sometimes the right quotation or two from an artist, author or great historical figure sums up our complex relationship with our fathers.

Father's Day Gift Guide from The Huffington Post. A creative and yet practical meaningful gift guide for fathers that thankfully, does not involve ties, alcohol, golf clubs or power tools.

Great Green Gifts for Dads from the daily green. This useful list of gift ideas is heartfelt, eco-friendly and most importantly-- won't break your checking account.

Great Green Alternatives to Traditional Gifts for Dads and Grads from Planet Green. An eclectic list of sustainable and groovy presents, from recycled record coasters to handmade Star Wars-themed gadget cozies.

More Dads Working Long Hours, Study Confirms from This article does not have gift ideas, but may give you more incentive to really give your dad a chance to relax and de-stress.

'We Need Fathers to Step Up' by President Barack Obama from This title speaks for itself.

Episode 289: Go Ask Your Father from This American Life. I will let the introduction to this 60-minute podcast speak for itself: "In this show, sons and daughters get to find out the one thing they've always wanted to know about their father. The answers aren't always what they hope for."

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