Want to have the Best Super Bowl Party ever? The Super Bowl has become the biggest social event of the year in the United States and is very popular all over the world. But more important than the actual game itself is the pageantry and camaraderie created by the Super Bowl Party. Below are a few tips to make sure that your party is the Best Super Bowl Party ever.

Guest List

I started out my career as a salesperson, and early in my career, I was told about Joe Girard's Law of 250 which basically says that every person knows at least 250 people who would either come to his/her wedding or funeral. His point was that if you treat customers well, you have the potential to touch another 250 prospects. When we talk about Super Bowl Parties, though, the Law of 250 actually hurts us. If you were to throw a birthday party on a Sunday, odds are that only one or fewer of the 250 people would already be scheduled to attend another birthday party somewhere. However, since the Super Bowl is only on one day every year, odds are that each of your 250 friends will have been invited to multiple parties. So if you want people to accept your initiation, you'll want to organize the Best Super Bowl Party that your friends have been invited to. Caution though, keep your guest list limited to just your most close and personal friendships, because, some people may feel obligated to attend even though they have closer friends partying elsewhere.

Super Bowl Food

The most important part of any great party is the food. Traditional Super Bowl foods are things like hot dogs, Buffalo wings, Guacamole, hamburgers, and the like. If you have limited funds, one thing that you can do is create more of a fun pot-luck style of menu. One of the best Super Bowl parties that I have ever attended was one where we had a Chili Cook-Off. Everyone who wanted to "compete" in the cook-off brought a pot of Chili and all of the guests got to sample cups of each brew. The host just provided Fritos, crackers, cheese, onions, etc. and the cups and drinks. It was a very inexpensive way to create a great party and increase camaraderie within the group. Regardless of what your food staples are at the party, you always want to have at least one unique signature dish that is different from what people would expect. An easy way to find tons of options is to just Google "Super Bowl Foods," and you'll find a fantastic selection.

Super Bowl Beer and Drinks

Even if you don't drink alcohol yourself, you'll want to have a selection of drinks available for your guests. My suggestion is to have a selection of beer and a few other options for people who don't like beer. When you choose your beer, it's usually a good idea to select a major brand like Budweiser or Coors and also add some local flavor. For instance, if you're partying in Austin, add some Shiner Bock or if you're in Salt Lake City, add some Cutthroat Pale Ale. Local beers are typically fresher and more appreciated by your guests and make a great Super Bowl Beer. For people who don't like beer, a good Chardonnay wine or Merlot will typically fit the bill. However, some folks like to add a Margarita machine or other mixed drinks. Any way that you go, buy your drinks EARLY. There is always a last minute run on alcohol the day of the Super Bowl, so shop early.

Organize the Pageantry

Make sure and check out the NFL's website for information about pre-game pageantry, half-time entertainment, and the like. It will help you organize extra-curricular activities related to the game. For instance, this year, the half-time entertainment is The Who. So, you might want to go to The Who's website and make a cake that looks like their logo or make tie-dyed style cookies. The little touches will make your event memorable.

Remember though, that the party is fun and builds camaraderie among you and your friends, but the most important part of the whole process is that... the Cowboys win! Have fun at your party, no matter who plays.

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Doug Staneart is the President and CEO of The Leader’s Institute®. He created the Best Super Bowl Party blog that has great tips about Super Bowl Parties.