Hearing Loss in Children
You may find out that your child is suffering from hearing loss when he is born or he may be diagnosed with the condition later in life. Hearing loss in children is commonly caused by otitis media, birth problems and on the account of certain injuries or illnesses or effect of certain drugs.

Signs and symptoms
The early stage symptoms of hearing loss in children are as follows:

No reaction to extremely loud noises
No response or reaction to your voice
The child makes some sounds, which taper off
The other symptoms which follow include:
He may pull and rub his ears.
He may act cranky constantly without any proper reason.
He might stop paying attention.
Low energy levels are indicated.
He may find it hard to follow directions.
He may ask you to increase the volume of the radio or TV.
Fever and ear pain are also likely symptoms.
Early hearing loss can affect your child’s language learning skills. If the problem is diagnosed and treated soon, the problem with language can be avoided. The method of treatment depends on the cause of hearing loss in your child and the severity of hearing loss.

There are certain medicines for hearing—prescribed by your ENT Surgeon. Please take the point watchful waiting. Even if you have slightest doubt of hearing loss contact ENT Surgeon In Delhi ( Dr. Ameet Kishore ) immediately.

The primary treatment methods of hearing loss in children include the following:

Medicines: There are certain medicines for hearing loss in children, which may be prescribed by your pediatrician.
Ear tubes: Ear tubes may be recommended if medicines and monitoring do not work. The tubes allow fluid to drain and help in preventing infections. A minor surgery has to be undertaken on your child for getting the ear tubes placed. This will solve the hearing loss and other related issues.
Hearing aids: Hearing aids may be used to allow your child hear better. It is safe for children to use ear tubes after the age of one month. For the right hearing aid for your child, you need to consult a hearing specialist In Delhi.
Cochlear Implants : Cochlear implants are used to treat hearing loss in many children. These are electronic devices which are put in the inner ear to benefit hearing. These are used only if hearing aids did not succeed and these are meant to be used only in case of children with serious hearing problems.
There are several other devices, which can help your child with hearing loss. For suggestions and recommendations, you must take your child to our hearing specialist In Delhi.

Head and neck cancers
Head and neck cancers usually start in the squamous cells and are also referred to as squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck. It occurs in the nose, throat, mouth and salivary glands. Head and Neck cancers are further classified into various categories on the basis of the area of the neck and head where they occur. Although head and neck cancers are different, they both occur inside the mouth, sinuses, nose, salivary glands and throat, which are considered as a group.

Salivary gland cancers are generally very infrequent. An assortment of cancer causing cells is present in salivary glands, so various types of salivary gland cancers have been found to occur.

If you are habituated to consuming tobacco and alcohol, then you are at the highest risk of suffering from head and neck cancer; however, it can also be caused in people who suffer from infections caused by human Papilloma virus. Other factors may include:

Oral health- Untreated gum diseases and oral cavity can be the reasons behind the development of the disease.
Sex- Women are less prone to head and neck cancers than men.
Lack of Nutrition- If your body is lacking in certain nutrients; you are more likely to catch the disease.
Age- People above 40 years of age are more susceptible to head and neck cancer.
Difficulty in swallowing- Inflammation and pain in throat, leading to a problem in swallowing.
Hoarse Voice- Hoarseness or change in the voice.
Apart from this, there are some symptoms which show up in a specific area of your head and neck, such as:

Oral Cavity- A red or white patch on the tongue, the gums or the lining of the mouth.
Pharynx- Trouble in breathing and swallowing followed by a frequent headache.
Surgery- Surgery is usually to remove the primary tumour in toto or as much as feasible. Also, clearence of the lymph nodes that are involved is done during surgery at the same time.
Radiation Therapy- Radiation therapy is considered where functions like speech can be conserved.
Chemotherapy- Radiotherapy in combination with chemotherapy can help, if you are suffering from a more advanced form of head and neck cancers. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an ENT specialist.

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