Facing a sudden loss of electric power?

Don’t sweat it. It’s one of those inconveniences that most homeowners are already familiar with or will soon become. Summer months are vulnerable times for your electrical service panel. 

Your air conditioner runs at full throttle for hours and stretches the electrical circuits to its limits. This leads to faults in your home electrical service panel and endangers the home of potential fire and electrocution risks.

If the service panel is an old one, pay attention to it and try to replace it before it completely fails. For that; you would need the assistance of a notable electrician to inspect the panel and give it the care it needs.

BUT, before that; try to familiarise and detect the warnings electrical service panel give out.

  • “Repeated tripping of circuit breakers.”

When an old service panel starts to wear down, it becomes more susceptible to power surges caused through the wires. This eventually starts disconnecting the circuits more frequently than usual. 

Another possibility is when the home electricity needs have superseded the service panel’s capacity. The warning sign here is noticing how many times the circuit breaker needs resetting in a week. If the number is high, it means the panel is sending out warning signs of its repair or its full replacement.

  • “The Reset circuit breaker refuses to stay RESET.”

Usually, if you reset the circuit breaker, it should be enough to take care of the issue at hand. But if the reset circuit breaker refuses to stay reset, or fails to restore power, then it could be a case of a faulty service panel.

The smart thing to do would be not to try DIY repairs and summon licensed domestic electricians in the Gold Coast region to determine the problem and fix it in a jiffy!

  • “Proof of electrical fire in your service panel.”

Wires which wear inside the service panel can potentially cause fires! If these wires burn, they leave signs behind. When opening the service panel, if there are acrid odour, discolouring marks and even visible charring around the circuit breaker, then it means there was a fire inside the panel.

You should consult with a professional electrical contractor and try to resolve it ASAP.

Other Possible Signs...

In lieu of this, here are some other conditions which indicate that the existing service panel needs professional repair/replacement.

  • If the appliances overheat often and quickly.
  • Power surges on turning dishwasher, microwave, hair dryer- particularly flickering of lights.
  • If the wires inside the panel appear melted.
  • If the wires are unprotected.
  • If there is an old porcelain fuse box in play.
  • If you are constantly using extension cords to run appliances.

Update The Panel...

Quality electricians are equipped with knowledge and field experience, and by performing an inspection, they can tell what’s wrong with the service panel.

These signs are not something to take lightly. If left unattended, it can severely put your home and family in danger.

Consult with a quality electrician in Gold Coast and request for their service quote.

After all, some risks are not worth taking!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a quality electrician in Gold Coast for years and knows a thing or two about dealing with a variety of home electrical issues. With that, the author also educates the readers about why it is important to have licensed domestic electricians in the Gold Coast region to handle all electric-related problems.