So lately I was watching this drama serial on television, The American Horror Show. It shows how this house in Los Angeles in haunted and the real estate agent just wants to get it off of her hands hence fails to tell the clients a lot of things just to make a purchase. For example, the numbers of deaths that have taken place under that roof saying that she is only liable tell the incidents taken place in the last three years according to law; anything before that is not up to her. Watching that I started to wonder as to how secretive the real estate agents are in real life? What are the things they will never tell you? Listed below are just some of the things you need to keep in mind to avid getting scammed by your agent?Your agent would always have you believing that his fee is something god sent and hence in no way can be negotiated.

The day you would start believing that, you would have to shave you head. If you are making a good offer to the agent, something along the lies of selling one property and buying another, he would immediately offer you a discount or you can always ask him to lower his commission.Then the open house party that they throw to publicize your house convincing you it is absolutely necessary and required is just another way of these agents to increase their long lists of customers. Apparently, studies show that the success rates of these open house parties is not more than 2% and therefore are perfect opportunities for these agents to scan the potential customers in the market and figure out their need and wants.Moreover, a broker would hardly be honest about the number of offers that you have received on your property.

He would have you thinking how low the market is going and how there is not much demand but in truth he would have refused several offers on your behalf based on reasons such as the pricing being offered too low to be called insulting or perhaps not enough for his commission. So whenever you get yourself an agent, make sure to add the clause in the agreement stating that the agent o bound o tell you each and ever offer that comes your way.Last but not the least, the real estate agents would make you think that they are indispensable by creating this whole anticipation round sale of the house, that without there help and professional aid you would never succeed in selling your property. Well rest assured, that is not so. Studies have proved that annually bout 20 to 30% owners have succeeded in selling their houses all by themselves. Just be sure of the price that you set on the property. Most of the harm that is done by the self sellers is by overestimating the price of their building or underestimating it.

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