Purpose is defined as a sense of knowing that your life has meaning, importance, and value. Living and knowing your purpose in life mean that you believe your life, your work, and your contribution (will) make a positive impact on the life of others. Living with purpose means you are committed to serving society in a positive way.

A life with a purpose (and passion) is a life well-lived. Take David Davey for example. Dave, then 12-years-old, was struck with polio during the epidemic of the 1940s. (At the time, polio was known by the dread name of Infantile Paralysis.) He was fortunate he survived but the disease took away the strength of his legs. He was confined to the wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Nevertheless, he saw past the wheelchair – and his disability and was determined to lead a pretty normal life. Thanks to his mother’s persistence, he was allowed to complete his junior and senior years at a regular high school. (He had attended a special school for handicapped children.) He became a member of the Honor Society and was elected president of his senior class. He later went to Wayne State University (WSU) to study Accounting (as it was an accepted belief that occupants of wheelchairs, with a college education, would want to make a living as an accountant) but later switched his major to Business Administration.

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