There is a Spanish word called "Duende" that originally meant spirit entering your body and causing you to view your surroundings, other people and nature with awe and wonderment. According to the dictionary today the word is used to the "mysterious power a work of art has to deeply move a person". What is interesting about this definition is that, from the eyes of the soul, not only art, but anything has the power to deeply move a person. So the original meaning of the word is actually more precise. You can experience "Duende" if you move from your concept of life to the actual experience of life. You will experience more aliveness and zest if you move from seeing the world through the eyes of the mind to seeing it through the eyes of the soul.

There is a difference between your concept of the chair you are sitting on and the experience of the chair. There is a difference between your concepts of other people and the actual people. For a moment, forget all of your memories about chairs, about what chairs are and what they mean. And just reduce all expectation you have about chairs. Instead put your attention into the chair you are sitting on and feel the chair, be the chair fully and without boredom or resistance. You are now actually experiencing the chair instead of conceptualizing. Try the same with another human being and notice how intensely and wonderfully you can experience that human being.

One of the core-statements of the Mind/Ego goes something like this:

"Nothing is happening"

"There is not much going on"

"Nothing is moving"

"Nothing is changing"

"Things are mediocre"

"Things are boring"

The mind/ego sees things this way because it is a recording device that is built and meant to record events throughout your life on earth. As it has seen everything thousands of times it gets bored. A good example is of the way Ego-Self sees the Moon and the way a child (or the soul) sees the Moon. Already having made thousands of recordings of the moon, the moon is nothing special to it. "It's just the moon. So what? There is nothing happening here. Nothing moving. Nothing changing." Hence, Ego-Self always strives for "change" but never gets it. (wanting change = lacking change). A child who looks at the moon for the first time is awestruck. Wow! Look at that mommy!!!!! Wow!!!!! It's enthusiastic. It's ECSTATIC". There is actually A LOT happening and a lot moving and a lot shifting right here and now but the Ego-Self doesn't see it because it is living in past-recordings.

If you could take some time, now and then, to just sit and observe for a few minutes. Observe what is happening. There are trillions of things happening right now. And it's ALL incredibly beautiful.

But the motto of the mind-self is "I already know". This viewpoint is actually a subtle block to expansion, discovery and adventure because if you "already know" there is nothing new to see. Considering that Infinity is Infinite, you don't actually know much of anything. "I already know" can therefore not be true. It manifests itself in statements such as:

"I have already read so many books"

"I have already practiced so many things"

"I have already been through all of that"

But have you "been through all of that" from the eyes of love? There are Millions of ways to smell a rose. Have you experienced them all? I doubt it.

People tend to put on the "I already know" to avoid overwhelm. There are so many impressions and things going on, we sometimes just shut down awareness. The more jaded or blunted awareness becomes, the more stimulus is then required to feel anything at all. Then a piece of art or a good movie or a good book or falling in love or bearing children or winning a game or seeing the stars at night won't amount to anything at all. The Ego-Self is desensitized to any of that. But it is not that the world is boring, it's that YOU are.

If you want to learn something new, let go of "I already know" and open up. Look at life as if seeing it for the first time. Walk around with eyes wide open. Life is full of surprises. Surprises can happen any minute if you allow them to.

Go take a walk with the intention of experiencing life in awe, gratitude and amazement. See what happens on that walk and how you feel. Put your loads of information and knowledge aside for a day and actually go directly for joy and laughter.

One way to de-create, dissolve, disappear an old reality you no longer wish to experience is to fully experience that reality. Some other words I use in place of "fully experience":

Release Resistance
Release wanting-to-change
Release wanting-to-solve
Release wanting-to-understand

I have been teaching people how to do this since 15 years and in hundreds of coachings, articles, books, audios and yet people still contact me every day asking how to dissolve something. They ask as if they have never heard or read it before. Why is that? Are they that stupid? No. They are just operating from the mind and not from experience/feeling/observing. And the mind will do anything...including creating hundreds of questions and justifications for suffering instead of just duplicate (and thereby solve) a reality. With the help of this technique I have seen thousands of students of mine dissolve all kinds of ailments, problems, aches, pains, fears, frustrations, limitations.

But I have seen just as many completely forget it is even possible to dissolve various realities in this way. A few weeks ago I met someone I hadnt seen in 10 years. He was a student of mine back then and we had cured his lifelong headache. Curing his lifelong headache was very simple. I ask him to wait until the headache returns and to then contact me. We could only dissolve it if he had it. I questioned him about the headache:

Where is it?
How big is it?
Where is it not?
Could you let go of pushing against it?
What color might it be?
What shape?
What texture?
Could you go to the very center of the most intense sensation?
Could you stay at the center?

And so forth. By the time we were through, the headache had disappeared. He had never allowed it to disappear without pain-killers and was overwhelmed with joy. His exact words were: "My head has never felt this free". Feedback a few weeks later revealed that the headache never returned like it had every few days in the past. For him it was a miracle. For me it was just another session.

However, when we bumped into each other a few weeks ago he says: "Are you still doing that metaphysical crap?". I said "Yeeees....". "And do you feel comfortable about the lies you are telling people?". What I saw before me was a man in deep resignation who had completely forgotten that beautiful moment of healing a decade ago. I dont know what happened in those 10 years but I realized that it really is possible to completely forget. Bitterness of this kind indicates that someone came upon a layer of resistance they just did not go through. So instead of moving through that too, they gave up. But all that is really needed is to re-create that which you want to dissolve. Why? Because by re-creating it you become source of it. And as source of the problem, you can let it go. You cannot let anything go that you are blaming outside circumstances for. By fully experiencing any compulsion, pain, fear, anger, ill health, financial difficulty, you are doing what you originally wanted to do when you created it. The soul creates something. Then it enters the experience, like entering a bubble. Then it fully experiences it, without resistance but with great joy and full embrace. And then it "comes out on the other side" of the experience - the experience dissolves. Even if you have forgotten how or why you created something, you must at least pretend that you created it, otherwise there really is nothing you can do about it except being at its effect rather than its cause. By re-creating the undesired reality deliberately, you immediately remove it from the realm of the automatic, the subconscious, the inadvertent, victimized.

Try it out: The next time something undesirable happens to you, be still and just observe, witness and feel. Stop trying to get rid of anything and fully experience whatever you are experiencing. By that, what you were previously experiencing will disappear and the next thing will come up. Then fully experience that too. And continue to fully experience life (not conceptually but actually) peeling of layer after layer of illusion.

Author's Bio: 

Fred Dodson is the creator of books, videos and audios on reality creation, expansion of awareness and prosperity.