Beyond Dinner and a Movie: 5 Fun Date Ideas That Aren't Boring

Are you at a loss for what to do during your next date night? Think beyond dinner and a movie, and instead try a few of these fun and interesting date ideas.

Got a big date lined up soon and don't know what to do? Whether you're in the throes of an early relationship or with a long term partner, dates are a great idea.
Going on dates helps you learn more about your partner and strengthen your bonds with each other. Dates are so important for keeping a healthy and happy relationship. You should continue to date no matter how long you've been together.

But some date ideas do get boring after a while. If you're looking for fun date ideas, look no further. Read on to get some date night inspiration.

1. Go to an Escape Room

Escape rooms have become huge in the US and there are now over 2000 of them across the country. They make a great activity to do with a new partner or a long term partner.
By playing an escape room, you have to look for clues and work together to escape the room. It encourages teamwork and helps to make your partnership stronger.
Many of them have unique themes that encourage teamwork. One example of this is The Kidnapping Escape Room, where you're handcuffed in the room and must try to break free. The clues and puzzles are super fun and help you discover inventive ways to work together.

2. Have a Spa Night at Home

There's nothing more relaxing than a spa day, so turn it into a spa night and have it at home for some romance. Set the mood with candles, music and calming fragrances.
Give each other massages and enjoy mani-pedis in the comfort of home. It helps you date grow closer to each other in a relaxed, private environment.

3. Visit Museums

Learning new things together is a rewarding experience and what better place to do it than in a museum? Go to your city's local history museum or art gallery and take it all in together.

You can learn things you've never known before, and educate each other on knowledge of events you do know. Science and history museums are great for this and they're always a fun time.

Most museums are free or at least pretty cheap to visit. This means you can save money to spend on a nice dinner together afterward.

4. Go on a Picnic

A picnic is a great way to make a meal together much more exciting. Hit up a local market together and grab some picnic foods to take to your local park.
Find a pretty spot (ideally on a nice day) and enjoy making finger foods together. Bring a bottle of wine and have a relaxing afternoon out in nature.

Once you've finished eating, go for a walk or bring a game to play if you want the date to keep going. It's a simple but fun date that doesn't have to cost much either.

5. Go on a Staycation

Going on vacation together is a great way to get to know your partner better and spend quality time with them. But you might not want to book a flight or spend much money.
Instead, book a staycation in your local city or head into the countryside. Spending time away from home and work will refresh you both and help you feel closer to each other.

A staycation is also a great way to relax and leave both your troubles behind. Bonus points for putting your phones away and going off-grid together for a few days.

It's Time to Give These Fun Date Ideas a Try

Dates are a great way to grow closer with your partner and these fun date ideas are worth trying out. If you're trying to put the spark into a relationship, make sure to go on some fun dates.

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