The theme of this incites questions – Can we structure Selenium-based test system to test past GUI programs? If not, at any rate, how might we enhance test-adequacy by broadening a current Selenium test-suite to work with other test-activities that don't utilize programs.
"Selenium robotizes programs". So goes the early on line on What exactly degree is this an impediment?
The main inquiry above requirements top to bottom specialized talk. We concentrate on the second one here which can be tended to at a more theoretical level.
We have a case beneath which outlines how one can enhance the effectiveness and scope of mechanization by going past the Browser GUI and empowering backend operations.
Consider a basic web-application which has Selenium test suite containing several mechanized contents that need to run every day. Moreover, there are test-situations that should be specifically executed amid the day utilizing a portion of the contents. The system is hearty and the application generally steady.
All contents need to fundamentally explore over the web-application to get to particular website pages. There are regularly many test situations that should be executed on a particular page. The ideal opportunity for the content to get to that particular website page relies upon the execution of the application and inertness in stacking the middle of the road site pages. This would thus build the general time expected to execute the robotization suite when the content include is hundreds. By what means would this be able to be lessened?
Issue Statement: how would we restrict the means of exploring the web front-end utilizing Selenium contents in order to decrease the general test-execution time?
Add up to Execution Time – 2 minutes.
We have the above situation wherein there are parameters to be determined to Web-Page-B which are important for approvals on Web-Page-C. Each individual content logs-out and sign on to the application, and aggregate time taken is near 2 minutes.
Presently if there are 50 contents that set diverse parameter blends, the Selenium suite that runs contents on the program GUI would conceivably take 50 * 2 = 100 minutes only to navigate forward and backward on the website pages, particularly on the off chance that we have to sign in and log out after each content.
The real confirmation point however is just on Web-Page-C for each sort of parameter setting.
The parameter setting could be taken care of by Python or Perl contents running in the backend. This would then chop down the route on the GUI.
The test stream is dealt with as beneath.
• We test the conclusion to-end GUI route one time. The main test situation covers this part.
• In the meantime, we trigger a content that specifically gets to the backend. There could be a few approaches to do this – server side contents, API calls, database inquiries… This relies upon the application design and what is being tried.
• The parameter is set at backend, the approval is finished by the Selenium content on site page C, this progression is iterated more than 50 parameters to be set for the 50 situations to be tried
The key here is to empower the computerization system to distinguish when the backend parameter is set to advance onto GUI approval, and after that keep repeating between the two stages.
Add up to execution time now descends radically since site page route is never again required.
This is a case of how existing Selenium suite can be reached out with backend operations that enhance robotization productivity and general test viability. The idea is demonstrated; the usage is vigorously reliant on application engineering and particular test situations.

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