As our spirit awakens throughout our life, we begin to realize that there is something ‘beyond’ our normal humanness that is influencing and guiding our lives. We can deny it, but somehow it keeps revealing its presence to us in many ways. As we begin to accept that we have spiritual guidance in every moment of our lives, our lives change and we gain courage and strength to create the lives we truly desire. Our spiritual Source holds the key to awakening our expanded being. It is through spirit that we evolve and manifest our true potential. Our human journey requires an acceptance of our spiritual guidance, a magnificent presence.

We become aware of this magnificent presence in nature with all the plants, animals and insects. We see it when a baby is born. We hear this magnificent presence when we close our eyes and hear our inner voice speaking to us, saying “You are loved.” We feel it in our hearts as we open to love ourselves and others. This is unconditional love that is ever present and eternal. We call this magnificent presence God, Creator, Source, Mother/Father God and other spiritual names in many religions.

So as we accept, in our humble way, that there is spiritual guidance, we begin to listen. We learn from many sources as God speaks to us in many ways in our daily life – our parents, friends, newspapers, TV, internet, books. We all have the ability to communicate with spirit by thoughts, prayers or meditation or being outdoors in nature. We communicate to spirit when we smile, cry or contemplate. We are never alone and we are always supported. God is always listening to us in a loving, non-judgmental way.

Something else evolves along with our spiritual awareness; our human awareness grows as well. Our human, link-to-link, connection comes alive and is real. No longer can we walk alone as everything thought and action is felt by others. What a gift our humanness is as a vehicle to reveal our spiritual being, our soul. When we connect with one another, love one another and share our lives with others, something wonderful happens. We walk together without fear or angry; we walk together in peace.

Our spiritual guidance is ever present to reveal more and more to us. The mystery of life encourages us to come together to awaken to whom we truly are. Our journey unfolds in ever changing ways that bring us to knowing that all is connected, all is one. There is no separation from me and you.

Through meditation, we learn to contact our inner guidance and wisdom by quieting our bodies, feelings and thoughts. It is only when we quiet these activities of our personality that our real authentic self, our soul, can surface. Then we receive clarity and truth and know how to proceed in a more loving and compassionate way.

Meditation is a technique that has been used through the ages to assist one to connect deeply with our spiritual self. Only you will able to interrupt what you feel and receive during a meditation. Meditation is a personal, intimate experience. Each time you meditate you are experiencing a sacred soul journey. Meditation is where your body, mind and soul meet the sacred. It is a journey of letting go your fears and anxieties and allowing yourself to discover the peaceful silence within. It is in this peaceful silence that you begin to feel peace and tranquility and to experience the oneness of all life. It is within that we truly awaken the spiritual guidance that can transform our lives from chaos into peace.

It is so exciting to awaken to new thoughts as you meditate and begin to view your world from a loving, peaceful heart and not an angry and unforgiving one. Our ‘within’ space gives us a place to let go of our anger and fears and embrace the love that is present.

Soon you will feel Spirit revealing itself to you in each moment. Your ‘humanness’ and ‘spirituality’ meld together and are revealed in your daily life through your new creative thoughts and actions. Remember your place of guidance is always with you within. Your inner heart space always has the right answer for you. Enjoy meditating each day and discover who you truly are!

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Jane Rosalea Booth, BA, CSW, M.Div.,USUI Reiki an experienced holistic workshop facilitator, promotes seeing the connection of nature, art and heart centered spirituality for inner peace. Jane is Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation. Jane is a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking, a Certified USUI Reiki Master, and creator of Peaceful Path Women's Workshops and Retreats. Visit her blog: and