Colleges and universities provide many different types of jobs. Many people look into teaching jobs at colleges and universities; however, there are many other types of jobs that can be found at schools across the country. Jobs in student development, administration, student affairs, resource management, and conflict management can be found at all different types of colleges.

Clubs and Organizations
Many jobs also exist in specific campus activities, such as sports, community service, resident life, and clubs and organizations. Jobs could involve overseeing an entire resident hall, planning service learning programs for classes and individual student volunteering, and organizing campus-wide events such as homecoming week. Other jobs in student affairs can be found in health services, such as doctors or nurses for campus doctor offices, or educating students about health related issues such as binge drinking, sexual health, healthy eating habits, and mental health. Many religious colleges also have student affair jobs in spiritual formation or in planning church and religious services on campus.

Student Affairs
While the most common jobs at colleges and universities are usually teaching positions, there are also many positions in student affairs and student development. For many students, college is more than just going to classes. Learning and development takes place in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. Jobs in student affairs include academic advising, admissions, alumni affairs, career services, and campus activities. These jobs involve guiding and advising students about what classes they are taking, what career they want to go into and how to best reach their career goals, and helping students learn more about the campus during their college visit. An online Master’s in Higher Education can allow you to earn this degree without compromising your current life objectives.

Mental Health Services
College is a time of many transitions, and many jobs are available in counseling or mental health services. Counseling jobs at colleges can cover a broad range of issues. Some students might need help adjusting to living away from home or working through roommate or academic problems, while other students might have more serious mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Many colleges run support groups for students coping with grief or relationship issues, mental health issues, eating disorders, or groups for new students to meet more people. Counseling jobs can also involve educating the community about the mental health services available on campus and about ways to ease stress, especially during midterms or finals.

Human Resources
There are also many behind the scenes jobs at colleges. These jobs include fundraising, human resources, and higher management jobs. These jobs might not always have direct contact with students, but these jobs help the college run smoothly and provide support for many student programs. These jobs might involve calling alumni for donations, applying for grants for certain departments or campus initiatives, and hiring for other positions.

Study Abroad Programs
Studying abroad has become a big part of the college experience for many students. Colleges need people who are knowledgeable about living in other countries, study abroad programs, and preparing students for life and academics abroad. Many students meet with study abroad counselors to go over their classes abroad, pick the best study abroad program for them, and ask general questions about living in a foreign country.

Colleges provide many different types of jobs besides teaching. Jobs can be found in student affairs and student development, counseling, fundraising and management, and international programs. There are many graduate programs that are focused on student affairs and student development, and non-teaching jobs can also be found by looking at college websites or finding jobs on college specific job sites.

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